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Top 10 Wedding photographers in Chennai

They say “Weddings are made in Heaven”, well that’s for each one of us to decide but what I can tell you is, “Wedding Memories are frozen on Planet Earth”. And, nobody can vouch for it better, than all those brides and bride-to-be beautiful girls out of there. Looking at the Bright side, you will find so many Wedding photographers in every nook and corner of Chennai city, but then you realize, you are confused on whom to hire for your wedding. Everyone present themselves to you with an amazing portfolio of theirs, making you want to hire each one of them. While you have your hand full with deciding the theme for the wedding, the food, the banquet hall, Master of the Ceremony, your Maid of honor, bridesmaids, the date and details for the Bachelorette party, your wedding dress, the jewelry to go with, etc. just to name a few, only then does it dawn on you that you cannot invest all your time on deciding the Wedding Photographer. You frantically start looking into the World Wide Web to help you with your choice. Well, if you have stopped here for a quick look, then I should say you can safely assume, your Search end here. Below is a comprehensive list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Chennai who do great good in capturing your Once-In-A-Lifetime moments who will help you cherish these memories for ages to come.

Top 10 Wedding photographers in Chennai

  1. Studio A

As the alphabet A stands on top of the list, Studio A also has established their place in the list of top photographers in Chennai. But, they mostly cater to the A – class of the society. They are expensive, but what you pay is what you get in return. They have some of the most High-Definition pictures you will come across and the catch is that they are neither overworked nor under worked and are considered as the good Wedding Photographers in Chennai.  Their pictures are s sight to sore eyes. They work patiently with clients to bring out the best pictures of their wedding. Studio A covers wedding photography around the globe and promises to bring to every client a perfect mix of tradition and poetry to their pictures.

  1. Studio Vaibhava

These people have an amazing sense of place, properties, and photography. They turn any torn down castle into an ultimate beauty. Not saying that the use old castles to shoot pictures, but no matter which place, they do their best to bring out amazing pics. They have budget friendly packages as well and are considered as the Top Wedding Photographers in Chennai. These were the people who did helicopter shots for weddings, much earlier than other studios. Personal experiences of many customers tell us that they give their heart and soul to every picture they click. Their candid photography is amazing. No matter in which place you stay, they make sure to bring the best camera and proper lighting to ensure the best quality to your pictures. These people are highly recommended as a whole and are one of the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai

  1. Vipin Photography

Vipin photography is known for the coverage of Sneha and Prasanna the lead actors of Tamil Cinema Industry. Their page holds some of the best candid pics seen.  Though expensive, they hold an excellent client testimonial. People who have used their services vouch for them by saying the following, “The best team in town for photography”.  The team literally brings pictures to life and if that is something you are looking for, go ahead and block your dates with them.

  1. Duet Photography

Duet Photography is a huge hit among the masses, especially among the Gen Y. They have built a huge fan base following them on their social media pages. With really budget-friendly packages to offer, duet photography has some of the best photographers to offer. Their wedding photography stands out of line and is one of the best in Chennai. They are said to have out of the box ideas and are known for producing jaw dropping results. The highlights video that they make are something you need to watch out for. Though simple sometimes, it brings out the actual mood of the bride and groom on the given day.

  1. Pranesh Photography/Studio 31

 Studio 31, is one of the big players in the photography field in Chennai. Their pricing is comparatively less when compared with the big players of the industry. According to Studio 31, each wedding is like a fingerprint, with each being unique and beautiful in its own way. In line with their thoughts, they capture each wedding with new creativity and fervor and enthusiasm thus producing high-quality pictures and are the Top Wedding Photographers in Chennai

  1. Creative wedding photography

True to the name of the photography company, Creative wedding photographers are inspiringly creative. Their work is breathtakingly outstanding. Each picture will leave you wondering, how they managed to click such a picture. Creating puzzles in everyone’s mind and leaving them dumbstruck is one specific feature of their photography. If you need someone to capture your special day with great ounces of creativity, that will leave all your social media friends wanting for more, then these are your guys.

  1. ZG Studios

Also known as Zero Gravity Studios, have an amazingly serene effect to their pictures. You would not see any jumping over the roof style, but these people have got their own elegance in every picture. Every picture talks a tale for itself and they are the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai. Sometimes when too much of importance is given to capture a unique picture, the actual look and feel of the wedding seem lost. But ZG studios try to be innovative and at the same time, do their best to preserve the natural essence and the feelings at that particular moment.

  1. Impress Digital Studios

These people have a unique touch to their photography. They show the magnificence of any event, which often goes unnoticed on a busy such as our wedding. They make sure to capture every single detail and render it in a way that will leave us wondering did this really look so beautiful at our wedding. Big things come together with the help of multiple small beautiful, carefully made artifacts. At Impress they help us realize that. Their post processing skills in photography are extraordinary and they are known for it. You can also look for some of the Jewellery shops in Chennai with this.

  1. Focuz Studios

One of the best proposal videos that we come across often on Social media sites and we watch it with the same awe everytime is Actor Ganesh Venkatram’s proposal video to his now-Wife. This all-time favorite video was made by Focuz Studios.  If you had happened to watch the video, you would understand why Focuz is one of the top ten here. These obsessively passionate bunch of people claim to be constantly listening with their eyes and believe that their ultimate reward will come when the memories they create through photographs come again to life when people see their photographs many years later.

  1. NDS Photography

NDS Photography originally based out of Pondicherry have branched out and have sprung up in Chennai as well. They cater to almost all customer needs, depending on the money you are willing to shell out. They have various packages depending on the number of albums you would like to print, your candid photography, your requirements for pre/post wedding shoot, etc. They have an add-on/top-up option where you can add your extra requirements to the package you’ve chosen, thus customizing it for you. They provide fast delivery of the albums, mugs, frames, etc and offer great customer support by understanding the needs of their clients and providing options according to that.

Years down the memory lane, when you barely remember the date of your wedding, if you happen to open one of your wedding albums and see that every picture reminds you of a story that happened on the most special day of your life and these pictures help you go back in time and live the day again, then it is all worth it. During wedding preparation,  we are left with multiple other tasks that give us barely any time to select our Wedding Photographers in Chennai. We hope that the list of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Chennai that we have compiled will help you save time and give you extraordinary memories as well.

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