Top 10 Data Science Training Institutes in Chennai

Top 10 Data Science Training Institutes in Chennai

Data Science is becoming a popular area of study for various industries globally. It has revolutionised the way businesses operate, organisations communicate, and people live their lives.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study about processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. It has only been a hot topic since the last decade, but it is expected to grow as one of the top paid jobs for years to come.

Picking the right institute to learn data science can be a daunting task. Many institutes offer courses in this domain. So, how do you pick the right one?

The first step is to shortlist the institutes based on your location and budget once you have narrowed down the list, research about each of these institutes and their course offerings.

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in India that has seen tremendous growth in the field of data science. Many institutes have started offering courses in data science, making it a preferred destination for students aspiring to make a career in this domain. Here is a list of the top 10 data science institutes in Chennai.

1. FITA Academy

The Data Science course by FITA Academy is one of the top data science Institutes in Chennai designed to provide a complete understanding of Data Science and Machine Learning, including the techniques and algorithms used for Data Analytics. It helps you gain expertise in exploring Data, Data Wrangling, Data Analysis with Statistics and Math concepts, Data Visualization tools, and different Machine Learning Algorithms.

Data Science has become a buzzword in the present Data-driven world, where Data Analytics is playing a vital role in every field ranging from Data Mining to Big Data Analytics. Data-related problems are continuously emerging in different industries leading to the requirement of Data Scientists.

The Data Science course offered by FITA Academy is one of the best places to learn data science in Chennai that helps you understand Data Science with live examples and best industry practices. Whether you are looking for Data Analyst Job or Data Scientist Job, this Data Science course will surely give an edge to your career.

FITA Academy – Expert Trainers

As data science is gaining momentum and popularity in the market, experts need to teach students and professionals how to use data science skills.

The FITA Academy offers the best data science courses in Chennai. The company provides hands-on training for individuals and companies with all the necessary resources, such as instructor-led training programs and corporate retreats in addition to online courses.

The FITA Academy has been delivering expert trainers who have successfully taught students using their expertise in data science for over a decade. They have been teaching students across industries, including engineering, medicine, management sciences, business analytics, and machine learning.

FITA Academy- Placement support

After completing any course, the students have to look for a job. With the growing number of data science jobs in India, finding a suitable job can be daunting. FITA Academy has created a placement support program to help students find the right placements.

After completing Data Science courses in FITA Academy, the students get access to Data science interview questions and answers with placement support services and get job offers within a week after completing their course.

FITA Academy- Certification

After completing the course, students will be fully certified by FITA Academy and will have the opportunity to work with some of the best companies across several industries.

The need for data science professionals has been growing rapidly in recent years due to the rise of big data and AI. However, there is a shortage of quality data scientists with adequate machine learning and statistics knowledge.

The FITA Academy Data Science Course in Chennai offers a new way of learning that will help you become a certified Data Scientist.

Key Benefits of taking up Data Science training at FITA Academy Chennai

So you decided to take up a career in data science! It’s the latest buzzword, and it has been picking up heavy steam lately.

There is no doubt about how big this industry will be in the coming years, but what you should also know – is that becoming a data scientist right now might be easier said than done, especially if you are still in college.

That’s where FITA comes in! Their state-of-the-art Data science training program will put you ahead of others who are struggling in a similar position right now.

The data science course will be especially beneficial to students pursuing B.Sc., MCA, M.Sc, and other university courses making the course an ideal one for freshers! You can also check out their Data Science Tutorial and gain expertise from the best Data science courses in Chennai.

After completing the course, you can expect to:

  • Find placements and jobs easier than your peers
  • Be ahead of the curve when applying for a job or college
  • Know how to use data science tools like Pandas and scikit-learn to analyze and conclude results.
  • Learn the mathematical fundamentals that underline data science and machine learning.
  • Use Python as a programming language to work on real-life problems, which will help you solve issues in your day-to-day life.

No matter whats your background is, this course will start from the very basics and take you right up to an advanced level of proficiency and expertise! at FITA Academy, they can ensure that their students get a chance to learn exactly what they want without compromising the quality.

Contact Details

Phone: 93450 45466

You can also contact or walk into one of your nearby Branches of FITA Academy.

Here is a list of FITA Academy Branches In Chennai City where Data science training is provided-

FITA Academy – Anna Nagar

No 14, Block No, 338, 2nd Ave,
Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar,
Chennai 600 040, Tamil Nadu,
Next to Santhosh Super Market.

FITA Academy – T Nagar

05, 5th Floor, Challa Mall,
T Nagar, Chennai 600 017, Tamil Nadu,
Opposite to Pondy Bazaar Globus.

FITA Academy – Velachery

37F Velachery Main Road,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042
Tamil Nadu,
Next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan.

FITA Academy – Tambaram

Nehru Nagar, Kadaperi,
GST Road, West Tambaram,
Chennai 600 045, Tamil Nadu,
Opposite to Saravana Jewellers Near MEPZ.

FITA Academy – Thoraipakkam

5/350, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Okkiyam Thoraipakkam,
Chennai 600 097, Tamil Nadu,
Next to Cognizant Thoraipakkam Office and
Opposite to Nilgiris Supermarket.

02. Simplilearn

The Simplilearn Online Data Science Course teaches basic data analytics but doesn’t provide any in-depth information about the concepts. This can make it difficult for learners to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. These courses are typically delivered through videos and other interactive formats. But when it comes to online learning because there is no instructor. There’s only an interface that tells you when your time’s up and what the next lesson will be about. As an online learner, you’ll need a lot more engagement with the content than other avenues just because no instructor is holding your hand along the way.

03. IntelliPaat

IntelliPaat data science training course, designed for people who have no prior knowledge of data science, takes a liberal approach to content that might not be considered sufficient for someone who wants to become a data scientist. While the course is convenient but not affordable, it has some downsides. For one, it lacks the depth of a traditional classroom course. It also doesn’t consider some of the difficulties experienced by students who don’t have access to a high-speed internet connection. IntelliPaat can be beneficial for people who are just starting in data science or learning independently. Still, it does have some drawbacks that prevent it from being an optimal solution for people who need a more reliable option.

04. Edureka

Edureka, one of the online education platforms in India, offers a limited number of courses compared to other platforms. It can be challenging for students to learn data science without a mentor or teacher who can walk them through your projects and help them build a foundation in mathematics and statistics. This can lead to confusion, especially if the online course does not address issues learning with a large dataset. Edureka does not provide an in-person campus experience for its students, so there is no interaction with other students or faculty members. Students also get to choose their schedules and which classes they want to take – but this comes at the cost of flexibility since Edureka does not offer any course refunds.

05. Greens Technologies

Greens Technologies data course is meant for beginners with no prior knowledge of Data Science who want to learn the basics. But, there are some shortcomings in this course. For instance, it doesn’t provide an understanding of data science concepts. This means that students will not be able to work with complex data sets and identify outliers in data sets which comes with many challenges like making predictions or identifying correlations between variables.

Contact Details

No. 15, 1st Street,
Padmanabha Nagar, Adayar,

06. Testleaf

Testleaf is a training institute that offers Data Science courses in Chennai. The course doesn’t prepare students for real-world data analytics positions. Their class size is limited to 8 students each and doesn’t allow for homework assignments or guest lectures by industry experts. This forces students to learn mostly independently rather than interact with like-minded individuals who can share different perspectives with them. However, even if one could afford it, the course duration is too short to be given adequate attention and value on a person’s time.

Contact Details

17/13, First Floor,
College Road, Nanganallur,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061.

07. Credo Systemz

The course is one of the options to an experience in data science. However, the course is not without its flaws. The course has its shortcomings, but it’s good overall. The problems include the time taken to start and finish the course and inconsistency with respect to the curriculum. Credo Systemz also charges quite a bit for this course which makes it hard for companies that are on a tight budget.

Contact Details

New # 30, Old # 16A,
3rd Main Road,
Opp. Murugan Kalyana Mandapam,
Rajalakshmi Nagar,
Velachery, Chennai 600042.

08. ACTE

ACTE data science training course has a lengthy syllabus, making it difficult for students to get through it in a shorter time span and complete the course successfully. The course is not for beginners. It requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to understand the process. Some of its drawbacks include lack of practical experience, poor quality lectures and lack of engaging instructors.

Contact Details

No.6, 3rd Ave,
W Block, Annanagar East,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102.

09. Besant Technologies

The data science training course offered by Besant Technologies may allow you to become a data scientist. But the downsides of this course are the lack of access to industry experts and the lack of exposure to tools such as machine learning. However, the main drawback of this training is that it is solely focused on solving sample problems. It does not give students a broader understanding of the field as it lacks research and theoretical knowledge.

Contact Details

24, Nagendra Nagar,
Velachery Main Road,
Chennai- 600042.

10. Hope Tutors

Hope Tutors provides data science training in Chennai. The training and its curriculum are outdated, and the staff does not provide any support or guidance in finding jobs after completing their course. However, if you’re looking for expert trainers or an updated curriculum, then this might not be the right place for you.

Contact Details

18, Haritha Building,
First Floor Janakpuri 1st street,
Landmark :, Jawaharlal Nehru Rd,
opp. to Sri Krishna Sweets in,
Velachery, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042.


Chennai is a hub for data science institutes and courses, making it an attractive destination for aspiring students. This list of the top 10 data science institutes in Chennai will help you find your next institute or course that teaches skills to increase your understanding of this domain.

Additional Information

What are the career opportunities after Data Science Course in Chennai?

Data Science is a high paying profession, and you will get several job offers once you complete your course. Many students move to big software companies. Some also become data scientists at small firms and start-ups.

Data Scientists are responsible for data analysis and providing insights on making better strategical decisions. Some of the job profiles that you can opt for after getting a degree in Data Science are:

1) Business Intelligence Analyst

2) Analytics Manager

3) Blockchain Engineer

4) Quantitative Researcher

5) Risk Management

6) Logistic Engineer

7) Big Data Developer

8) Machine Learning Engineer

9) Data Visualizer etc.

The average salary of a data scientist in Chennai is INR 5-12 lakhs per year. However, you can expect to earn more if you have an advanced degree or specialization. For example, the average salary of a Data Scientist with an MS in the US is $112,000. Data Scientists who have PhDs can expect to earn around $116,000.

What skills or knowledge are required to be a data scientist?

Data scientist is the best job in the world. The best part about this job is that you do not need to have a particular qualification or degree. You just need to have some basic skills and knowledge of various toolsets required for data science.

If you are a passionate, hardworking, and intelligent person, you can become a data scientist. Some of the skills and knowledge required to be a data scientist are as follows:

Data Analysis Skills To become a good data scientist, it is essential to have an analytical mind. Data scientists must always think from a problem-solution approach. They should know how to solve any given problem using their knowledge on different toolsets.

Data Visualization To communicate with other people, you need effective communication skills, which help build trust and bonds with your client or employer. For this purpose, a data scientist must possess excellent visualization skills to take advantage of the software available for visualizing data.

Problem Solving Being innovative is one of the essential traits for a good data scientist. Data scientists should have problem-solving skills to deal with many challenging problems daily. They also need to be creative and effective in taking the right decision during critical times.

Programming Skills For data scientists, programming is one of the most integral parts as it helps them in various tasks such as processing large datasets, writing algorithms, etc. A good data scientist must know at least one or two programming languages such as R or Python, which are pretty popular among data scientists across the globe.

Domain Knowledge To become an efficient data scientist, you must understand the business domain thoroughly before jumping into any solution. A domain is nothing but a particular area of interest that you need to focus on. For instance, if you are interested in text mining or image analysis, you need to know the tools required for solving problems related to both these fields.

Data Scientists Should always keep themselves updated with the latest and emerging trends in their field of interest so that they can give their 100% when working on any given task. Apart from this, you must have some domain experience before taking up a job as a data scientist. This will help you in building rapport with your client or employer quickly. However, there are many IT companies that look for freshers as well, but if you possess all the skills mentioned above and if your basic concepts related to data science are clear, then definitely your chances of getting selected in an organization will increase manifold in comparison to others who lack these skills in abundance yet claim to be good data scientists.

Communication Skills Data scientists are supposed to collaborate with their clients, so they must have good communication skills. They should explain complex concepts in simple terms so that non-technical people can also understand them easily. At times, data scientists may have to communicate with senior managers and junior team members working under them, so they must possess excellent verbal and writing skills.

Being a good data scientist is not enough; you need to have soft skills, which helps an individual interact easily, irrespective of your designation or position in an organization. These days employers prefer individuals who are good at interpersonal skills over those who only have technical knowledge. Technical skills will help you get hired, but once you are selected, you should possess some essential soft skills such as time management, teamwork, etc., without which your career growth will be hampered.

Self-motivated Data scientists have to work in a team, and independently, so they need to be self-motivated. A good data scientist should work without supervision and complete the job on time with utmost quality.

Business Acumen Data scientists do not work in isolation; they constantly interact with the clients and business owners. A data scientist must know about all the critical aspects of a business to develop practical business solutions.

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