Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institutes in Chennai

Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institutes in Chennai

The top 10 ethical hacking institutes in Chennai offer you to become an ethical hacker who can find the vulnerabilities of the system. Ethical hackers are responsible for finding out loopholes or flaws in a system so that they can be patched up before someone else finds it out and takes advantage of them. The best ethical hacking institute in Chennai will train you with all the necessary skills required to become an ethical hacker so that you are able to accomplish numerous tasks by using various tools and techniques. The Top 10 Ethical Hacking Institute in Chennai will provide you with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge of bug bounty hunting. Bug Bounty programs have become increasingly popular these days, with top companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others paying top dollar to ethical hackers who can find security loopholes in their systems.

Expert ethical hacking trainers will teach you how to use various tools and techniques for finding vulnerabilities in a system. The course will also teach you about the different types of attacks that can be launched against a system, and how to defend against them. You will also learn about the various countermeasures that can be used to prevent an attack from succeeding. The ethical hacking course in Chennai is designed for both beginners as well as experienced hackers. If you are a beginner, then the course will teach you all the basics of ethical hacking. If you are an experienced hacker, then the course will help you brush up your skills so that you can find vulnerabilities in a system.

The Ethical hacking institute in Chennai will also provide you with their own basic custom-built Linux distribution called Null/Linux, which is basically Ubuntu 14.04 LTS customized to include various security tools for penetration testing. Some of the top ethical hacking institutes in Chennai will even go one step ahead and offer top-notch training on the latest cutting-edge cyber security technologies such as Android Hacking, Wi-Fi Security, Web Application Penetration Testing, Cloud Computing Security, etc., along with advanced methods of securing them using top of the line VPN solutions.

Top Ethical Hacking Institute in Chennai also offers many services including Identity Theft Protection Services etc.

So, if you are looking for a top-notch Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai, then do consider the top 10 ethical hacking institutes in Chennai listed here. All of them offer excellent training with many years of experience in this field. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best one and get started on your exciting career as an ethical hacker!

1. FITA Academy

The FITA Academy Ethical Hacking Training Program is designed to help students learn the essential skills they need to protect their networks from hackers. The program covers a range of topics, including how to identify security vulnerabilities and how to fix them. In addition, students will learn how to create strong passwords and how to protect their personal information.

The program also includes a hands-on component, which gives students the opportunity to put their new skills into practice. They will be able to work on real-world projects and learn how to detect and respond to cyber threats.

The Ethical Hacking Training Program at FITA Academy is an excellent way for students to develop the skills they need to stay safe online. The program is comprehensive and covers a range of topics, from password security to detecting cyber threats. The hands-on component allows students to put their new skills into practice and learn in a real-world environment.

Students will also learn how to use various hacking tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities in systems and malicious code. They will also be taught how to create countermeasures to prevent attacks and protect sensitive data.

The ethical hacking course at FITA Academy is the Best Institute for Ethical Hacking in Chennai for students who want to become ethical hackers, security professionals, or penetration testers. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the inner workings of security threats and how to protect their systems from them.

FITA Academy- Expert Instructors

  1. FITA Academy’s ethical hacking expert instructors are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their field.
  2. They have years of experience teaching ethical hacking and penetration testing courses to students from all over the world.
  3. Because they are experts in the field, they can provide valuable insights and advice to students on how to improve their skills and techniques.
  4. The instructors are always up-to-date with the latest hacking techniques and tools, and they regularly update their courses to reflect these changes.
  5. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they share with their students, which helps them to learn more effectively and understand complex concepts quickly.
  6. The instructors are passionate about their work and take great pride in ensuring that their students receive the best possible education.
  7. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help students understand difficult concepts and solve problems provided with Ethical Hacking Interview Question and Answers.
  8. The instructors are highly skilled at explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.
  9. They have a deep understanding of the ethical hacking process, and they can help students to develop an in-depth understanding of each step involved.
  10. FITA Academy’s ethical hacking expert instructors are dedicated to providing students with the best possible learning experience, and they will do everything they can to help them achieve their goals.

So, if you are interested in learning ethical hacking and penetration testing, FITA Academy is the perfect place to study. With their expert instructors, you can be sure that you will receive a world-class education that will help you to achieve your career goals. Contact them today to find out more about our courses and start your journey towards becoming an ethical hacking expert!

FITA Academy- Certification

Certified ethical hackers are in high demand, as businesses are realizing the value of having someone on their team who understands both the security risks and how to mitigate them.

FITA Academy’s certification program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about ethical hacking. Their program is comprehensive and covers a variety of topics including penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, traffic analysis, and more.

Upon completion of their program, you will be able to identify security vulnerabilities in networks and systems and recommend corrective actions. You’ll also have the skills necessary to protect organizations from cyberattacks.

If you’re interested in obtaining a career in ethical hacking, then FITA Academy is the perfect place for you. They offer a variety of courses that will teach you everything you need to know about this exciting field. Contact them today to learn more about their certification program!

Some benefits of getting ethical hacking certified are:

  1. You will be in high demand – As businesses are realizing the value of having an ethical hacker on their team, the demand for certified hackers is increasing.
  2. You will be able to protect organizations from cyberattacks – By understanding how cyberattacks work and how to mitigate them, you can help protect your organization from becoming the next victim.
  3. You will have a comprehensive understanding of ethical hacking – Our certification program covers a variety of topics, so you will have a well-rounded understanding of ethical hacking and what it entails.
  4. You will be able to identify security vulnerabilities – By identifying security vulnerabilities, you can help organizations take corrective actions to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks.
  5. You will be eligible for jobs worldwide – FITA Academy’s certification is recognized worldwide, so you will be eligible for jobs anywhere in the world.

If you’re interested in obtaining a career in ethical hacking, then FITA Academy is the perfect place for you. Contact them today to learn more about their certification program!

Key benefits of Ethical Hacking training program at FITA Academy

FITA Academy India is a pioneer training organization in Information Technology and Cyber Security domain. Be it providing placement support, career guidance, expert trainers or certification, and other add-on services – FITA Academy has been one of the leaders that have really made a difference to their student’s lives.

Given below are some key benefits of enrolling for the Ethical Hacking course with FITA Academy:

No prior experience required – All you need is enthusiasm for learning new things from a basic level which will be nurtured over a period of time by their faculties as part of their teaching sessions.

Training from Industry experts – Nowhere would you get quality faculty like those available at FITA Academy who have expertise in Ethical Hacking and years of experience in the hi-tech industry.

A strong study environment – FITA Academy’s classroom is located inside a hi-tech IT park that provides you access to some of the best amenities like computer labs, AC conference room with Wi-Fi connectivity, printer, cafeteria & parking facility.

World-class infrastructure – The training classrooms are well equipped with modern gadgets to enhance your learning experience by leaps and bounds. You can learn directly from their live project demonstrations conducted through screens installed in every classroom.

Personalized attention – Their faculties are extremely passionate about teaching which reflects during classes where they share their in-depth knowledge on real-time scenarios based on problems faced at the workplace. Every student is given individual attention to clear their doubts.

100% placement support – Their job-oriented courses are industry recognized for creating better career prospects and providing 100% placement opportunities to its students.

Study materials included – The study package provided by FITA Academy includes training videos, Ethical Hacking Tutorial & practice tests which will help you in understanding the concepts better

Weekend batches – Have a busy schedule? No problem! You can join their weekend batch timings where classes are conducted on Saturdays & Sundays over a period of four months to complete the course than regular batches without compromising on quality.

Flexible course duration – If you are someone who needs a job soon, you can opt for short-term courses conducted at their training centre. These courses are custom-designed to fulfill industry requirements which makes them especially useful for upcoming freshers looking to make their presence felt immediately in the industry.

Online Course – FITA Academy provides the best online ethical hacking training institute in Chennai. They have a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping students online to learn everything they need to know about ethical hacking and information security.

Contact Details

Phone: 93450 45466

You can also contact or walk-in to one of your nearby Branches of FITA Academy.

Here is a list of FITA Academy Branches In Chennai City where Ethical Hacking Certification Course is provided

FITA Academy – Anna Nagar

No 14, Block No, 338, 2nd Ave,
Ranganathan Garden, Anna Nagar,
Chennai 600 040, Tamil Nadu,
Next to Santhosh Super Market.

FITA Academy – T Nagar

05, 5th Floor, Challa Mall,
T Nagar,
Chennai 600 017, Tamil Nadu,
Opposite to Pondy Bazaar Globus.

FITA Academy – Velachery

37F Velachery Main Road,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042,
Tamil Nadu,
Next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan.

FITA Academy – Tambaram

Nehru Nagar, Kadaperi,
GST Road, West Tambaram,
Chennai 600 045, Tamil Nadu.
Opposite to Saravana Jewellers Near MEPZ

FITA Academy – Thoraipakkam

5/350, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
Okkiyam Thoraipakkam,
Chennai 600 097, Tamil Nadu,
Next to Cognizant Thoraipakkam Office and Opposite to Nilgiris Supermarket.

2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online ethical hacking certification program that teaches the required skills to protect against cyber threats. While you will learn more about how hackers operate, it does not offer hands-on training like some other programs on this list. The price for the certificate of completion is also relatively high which may be too costly for some people looking into cybersecurity education opportunities. Still, if you are interested in learning more about network security and want a credentialed qualification without having to leave your home office or classroom, then this program could provide what you need. If cost isn’t prohibitive for you but time constraints might be preventing you from attending traditional classes every week, then check out our top ten options below before making any final decisions!

3. Edureka

Edureka is an online education company that provides learning solutions to students. The company offers a wide range of courses in technology, business, and creative domains. One such course offered by Edureka is their online ethical hacking course. While this course may be a great fit for professionals already working in the cybersecurity field, it’s not the best choice for students just starting out on their cybersecurity journey. While many students might be looking for an affordable online course in ethical hacking, Edureka’s course is unfortunately not priced fairly. The cost of the course is comparatively high, which could be a barrier for some students.

4. IntelliPaat

IntelliPaat is one of the online ethical hacking courses in Chennai. It provides you with all the knowledge to become a basic Ethical Hacker. This course will teach you how to protect your data from being hacked by other people, however, it is not suitable for freshers as they need more experience before taking this course which can be acquired through internships or part-time jobs that are related to IT security field. One of the main reasons people don’t invest in their education is because they believe that the courses or programs are not affordable. IntelliPaat’s online ethical hacking course is one such program that happens to be quite expensive.

5. Besant Technologies

If you are looking for an ethical hacking course in Chennai, you can check out Besant Technology. However, be aware that the quality of the courses offered varies greatly. The course materials are outdated and do not reflect the latest trends in cyber security. The trainers are inexperienced professionals and lack the necessary skills and knowledge to teach ethical hacking. The course is poorly structured and does not provide adequate hands-on training. If you do decide to take a course at Besant Technology, make sure you do your research first to ensure you are getting what you expect.

6. Greens Technologies

The Greens Technologies ethical hacking course is unsuitable for most freshers. It is expensive and difficult to complete without prior training or knowledge. The course is very demanding and it requires a lot of self-study. The course is designed for professionals who want to learn how to protect their networks from cyber-attacks. Freshers will not have the necessary skills or knowledge to complete the course. They would be better off taking a basic computer security course before enrolling in the Greens Technologies ethical hacking course.

7. KaaShiv InfoTech

KaaShiv InfoTech is one of Chennai’s ethical hacking institutes. However, their ethical hacking course is not suitable for budding aspirers. The course covers a lot of theoretical concepts, which most freshers would not be able to understand. In addition, the course does not provide any practical training, which is essential for beginners. There are several other players in the market who offer better courses.

8. InventaTeq

InventaTeq is one of the ethical hacking courses offered in Chennai. However, there are several reasons what you should keep in mind to choose this course. The course content of InventaTeq includes some topics that are not related to ethical hacking. Furthermore, the content is often outdated and does not contain recent tools or techniques used in modern ethical hacking. Many reputable institutions offer ethical hacking courses, so do your research and find the right one for you.


ACTE offers courses in ethical hacking, networking, and cyber security. The course is designed to train students in the outdated ethical hacking techniques used by hackers to penetrate systems for malicious intent. The act of continuously performing various security testing on your system/network without understanding what you’re doing can actually do more harm than good. The trainer may not be qualified. He has no formal security training and is only self-taught. The course fee is too high, when compared to other courses available in the market with better content and taught by qualified trainers.

10. Credo Systemz

The ethical hacker industry has been rapidly expanding to include new methodologies, techniques, and tools which makes it very important for hackers to keep themselves updated with each passing day. Credo Systemz courses, unfortunately, are outdated and don’t cover the latest hacking techniques. The trainers at Credo Systemz are not even certified by any known authority in the cyber security industry. So, if you are looking for an ethical hacking course in chennai, do your research well and choose wisely!

Ethical hacking, the next big thing in corporate security? Absolutely!

Information technology has been a great boon for the entire world. It might have its negative sides, but it has largely contributed to a lot of good things. In fact, it is difficult to imagine modern life without the Internet and other Information Technology products/services around us.

So what can be said about this IT industry? Well, it is certainly the best industry in order to make a lot of money. Let us consider an example: the founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page (or Sergey Brin) net worth is $30.1 billion according to Forbes’ estimation. However, this sum could have been much higher, but it is because he shares his wealth with other company shareholders. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is worth $13.3 billion, and he is only 30 years old! Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is said to be worth $79.2 billion. So what does this teach us?

It teaches us that there are fortunes to be made in the IT industry and anyone with a good head for business and technology can become very rich. And this is not just restricted to the founders of these companies. Anyone who works in these companies can also become very wealthy. This is one of the best industries in which to work and to make a lot of money.

However, there is a downside to this industry, and that is the security risks that come with it. Hackers can target companies and individuals and steal their data or money. In fact, there have been so many cases of hacking in recent years that it has become a global problem. To deal with this problem, companies are now looking for ethical hackers to help them secure their systems.

So what is an ethical hacker? An ethical hacker is a person who is hired by companies to hack into their systems in order to find and fix security vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers are also known as white hat hackers, and they differ from black hat hackers, who are hackers who break into systems for malicious reasons.

The best way to become an ethical hacker is to get certified. There are only a few ethical hacking training institutes in Chennai, so you might have to look beyond the city. But if your intention is really to become an ethical hacker, you should definitely consider getting certified, because the best way of becoming an ethical hacker is by gaining hands-on experience via the best ethical hacking course in Chennai.

So if you are looking for a career in the IT industry, ethical hacking is a great option to consider. It is a challenging field, but it is also very rewarding. And the best part is that you can make a lot of money in this field. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to becoming an ethical hacker today! You can start with the Best Ethical Hacking Institute in Chennai.

Knowledge is power when it comes to ethical hacking because the best way to learn about ethical hacking is through a best ethical hacking training course in chennai. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to becoming an ethical hacker today! You can start with the best institute for ethical hacking in Chennai.

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