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Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai

One of the ever-blooming industries has been hotel management and catering. Automation can never take a big toll on these two sectors and hence many students choose their career path in this sector with a lot of passion. Here are the Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai that will help you learn management and the art of service in this field

Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai

1.Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition [IHM]

Established in 1963, IHM has been training a lot of successful students to become experts in hotel management. This institute has the support of the government of India and was chiefly funded by the Ministry of Tourism in the inception and now the institute is self-financed. The institute is a part of many reputed associations across the country and this helps the students get national recognition and exposure. They offer a three-year bachelor course which can be followed by a 1.5-year diploma and craft courses. They have great facilities on campus including hostels for boys and girls, labs, and library and they are the Top Hotel Management College in Chennai. They also provide a limited number of scholarships.

Location: Taramani.

2.School of Hotel Management, VELS University

Established in 1992 as a part of the VEL’s educational trust by Dr. Ishari K Ganesh, the University is aimed at empowering and enriching the lives of many students. The School of Hotel Management offers four courses: B.Sc, M.Sc, Diploma and craft courses. In the very first year of the bachelor’s degree, the students gain expertise in cooking for a 2-person meal and in the second year, they advance to learn cooking in bulk quantity. The third-year focusses on multi-cuisine cooking and skills like beautifying and carving vegetables, etc. Apart from that, they are taught about food and beverage serving, accommodation and front office management.

Location: Pallavaram

3.Institute of Hotel and Catering Management, SRM University

Apart from B.Sc. of 3 years in hotel and catering management, SRM also has an MBA in Hospitality Management for 2 years. There are diploma and craftsmanship courses as well. Placements is never a problem when it comes to SRM as they are known for their own group of SRM Hotel chain. With a well-branded University, students can easily get placed into hotel chains of ITC, GRT, Jaj, Mariott, etc. They have a lot of foreign tie-ups to enrich the students’ experience and they are the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai

Location: Kattankalathur

4.Asan Memorial Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

When it comes to hotel and catering, Asan Memorial offers an excellent undergraduate course. The core subjects are as per the syllabus fixed by the University of Madras. The Institute adds a lot of supplement courses to equip the students in the areas of communication skills and personality development. The department enables the students to regularly conduct food meals, cocktail parties, vegetable carving competitions, themed luncheons and chef competitions and they top the Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai. They have received many accolades for the great training they provide and the students are also seen to be victorious in competitions and placements.

Location: Jaladampet

5.MGR Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (MGR IHMCT)

When it comes to college education, the brand of MGR always stands tall. Hospitality education is one among their specialties as they have trained students for about a decade who have emerged successfully in their career and become eminent personalities in their fields. The offer bachelor’s degree, craftmanship courses, and diploma courses.  To furnish their skills, they are given exposure onsite, by which they mean that the students will have a chance to be trained at star hotels for a time period.

Location: Valasaravakkam

6.Madras Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (MIHMCT)

This institute was started in 1996. With time, their expertise in the field has grown and they have ensured to provide the best education to students along with educative internship opportunities. Known for good training and great placements, MIHMCT is a great hit among students. The faculties are well trained and the infrastructure is said to be superior. Apart from a 3-year bachelor course, they offer diploma courses and certificate courses ranging from the duration of 3 months to 18 months. They also offer an MBA degree. If you are interested in Hotels, you may also check out these Best Hotels in Chennai

Location: Kumananchavadi

7.Canan School of Catering and Hotel Management (CSCHM)

Canan had its humble beginning in 1993 with only 6 students in the Institute. With time, they proved their proficiency and now they have an annual intake of 610 students. Like the progress in strength, they have also made great progress in the exposure given to the students. They have both national and international students who regularly get placements in both glamorous hotels across the country as well as in other 10 countries of the world. They offer a B A course in international hospitality administration for 3 years and a certificate course in hotel operation and management of 1.5 years and they are the best Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai

Location: Anna Nagar

8.Annamal Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHMCT)

The very name of the institute reflects on their ambition. ‘Annamal’ means the provider of food and they expect their students to pride the name of the institute by providing great food and hospitality. This institute is well branched located in about 7 places in the state. The hotel plays a major part in the publication of a well-reputed newspaper in the field called ‘Hoteliers Talk’ They offer a wide variety of course options and double and triple programs to quicken the education while ensuring they grasp it all. They also offer international programs where the students spend 4 months in India and about 2 years in Malaysia. They claim a hundred percent placement in star hotels, cruises, airlines, railways, restaurants, catering and travel agencies. They are the Top Hotel Management College in Chennai.

Location: Arumbakkam

9.Ayyar Bawan School of Catering and Hotel Management (ABSCHM)

Acknowledging the fact that hotel, catering, and tourism are industries that are evergreen, Ayyar Bawan has consistently offered the world-class standard of education on the same. They strive to innovate and ensure that the graduates would work for the growth of the industry. They have the best infrastructure which enables the students to gain expertise in Indian, European and Asian cuisine. Bakery, Confectionary, bar and beverage service is also taught here. In terms of hotel management, they have simulated a front office which offers great practice for the students. They offer various courses in the line of BSc, MBA, MSc, Diploma and craft courses.

Location: Avadi

10.Maa School of Hotel Management (MSHM)

Established in 2002 by Dr. Meivazhi Murugamalai Anandar, the Institute works to provide international education in both short-term as well as long-term courses. They provide good quality education when it comes to online and distance education as well. They are taught by chosen professionals excelling in their fields. They enable students to get good placements as well as help them to get internships during their course. Every student is assigned a personal tutor. This kind of individual attention cannot be got in other institutes.

Location: Arumbakkam

These Top 10 Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai in the city offer a variety of courses based on the time and effort you can put it. Surely, they will address your passion with their great expertise and ensure that you will shine in the field! So, Choose the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Chennai to get success in your career.

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