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Top 10 Jewellery Shops in Chennai

Top 10 Jewellery Shops in Chennai
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Joyalukkas Jewellery

Precious metals and stones have always been a fascination among people in India and other parts of the world. Some see it as an investment as well. When it comes to jewelry, one needs no special occasion to buy them as the current society is filled with parties and functions and people always want to look fashionable and unique. Here are the Top 10 Jewellery Shops in Chennai you can explore to find the jewels that will embellish you:

1.GRT Jewellers

GRT short for G Rajendran Thanga Maligai was founded in 1964 and began as a small jewelry shop in Chennai. The growth of this shop was purely based on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. Soon, new showrooms were set up in other parts of Tamil Nadu and even in Andhra Pradesh. They have a really wide choice of collection and they are especially known for their silverware which they sell at reasonable prices and dedicate an entire floor in the building for it. This resulted in GRT Silversmith which is an exclusive collection of silver jewelry and had a separate showroom setup just for that. GRT Oriana is a collection of gold and diamond jewelry targeted at young women with every day breezy designs. This collection begins at Rs. 3,000 and hence has become a favorite among women for the wide range of jewelry at a low price and is the Top Jewellery Shops in Chennai. 

2.Khazana Jewellers

Started in 1989 and it is one of the best Jewellery shops in Chennai, the very name Khazana has a great appeal when it comes to jewelry. It is very true that this shop has ample varieties to choose from and each of their pieces is excellently crafted. They have captured the heart of people for their professionality in business and policies which include best prices, appealing designs, enhanced the shopping experience. As Khazana has its own manufacturing facility, they try to sell jewelry at lesser prices to increase customer happiness and the amazing skill of the craftsmen comes as an added advantage. It has about 20 stores in India now. Their bridal collection is one of the best.

3.Joyalukkas Jewellery

The very beginning of Joyalukkas was phenomenal. It started off in 1987 and expanded rapidly across the globe in 9 countries like the forest fire. This growth is completely attributable to the quality of the jewelry the stores provide. Apart from quality, the key ingredients of their success lie in service, designs, innovation, convenience and choices given to the customers. Joyalukkas has been the first jewelry shop that begins to get a series of awards and acclamation and it was the first to get the ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification. The jeweler has rapidly expanded to other areas of lifestyle such as fashion, air charter, money exchange, etc. Joyalukkas has an ever-growing philanthropic touch to it and the innovative process of this retailer not only lies in the products but also management as they conduct training for the employees and conceptualized a ‘wedding center’ in the stores.

4.NAC Jewellers

Here’s one for the premier customers. Founded in 1973 by Shri N Anjaneyulu Chetty in Mylapore, it began as a simple shop which flowered into a three-floored building. Soon they launched Silvermine, which is a showroom for silver articles that’s generally used for religious purposes and for silver gift items. Silvermine managed to acquire a great set of customers. Seeing the victory of a new brand of jewelry, they launched one for children, the series is called ‘The Young Ones’. This was another big hit for the stores as no one had targeted children in specific before and this was welcomed. The designs you will find in NAC are a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. As they meet the aesthetic sense of tradition, they also fit in perfectly with the latest trends. NAC also has the most breath-taking collection when it comes to diamond jewelry. NAC also began an antique collection with ornaments used by the nobles decades ago. This established people with a great reputation for the jewelry they wear.

5.Jeyachandran Gold House

Jeyachandran has already established its name in the textiles and household items in the crowded and booming are of T Nagar. When they decided to start a gold jewelry shop, they ensured that their products are of cheaper prices when compared with any of their competitors and they have stuck to their motto till date. In the same fashion that they provided the best quality textiles and household items at cheaper prices, they started selling jewelry at affordable prices, hence acquiring the hearts of many customers. They started off with a great Gold House at Tambaram and later became famous for their silver jewelry and other gift items as well and is the Top Jewellery Shops in Chennai.

6.Nathella Jewellery

Sriman Nathella Sampathu Chetty Garu founded this jewelry chain in 1928 and grew famous for his range of jewels. They had origins from all over the country and had really authentic designs. Imagine a jewelry shop with more than 60 years of experience, the kind of designs they would have found, transitioned and crafted. With such a profound origin into the past, Nathella has ensured that they would mark all their jewels with the elegance of the traditional designs. Even their most trendy collections have the charm of nobility. They have six outlets in Chennai to ensure that they have harnessed the entire city. Nathella has a reputation for hallmarked jewelry which has unique designs. The ‘Little Nathella’ range identified the opportunity of adorning born babies and young children on their special occasions.

7.Prince Jewellery

Many classy things have their origin in Kerala and Prince Jewellery is one of the. In 1933, Prince Jewellery was founded by P C Verghese at Kottayam. In 1983, the first showroom in Chennai opened at Panagal Park and this was truly the start of their prosperous journey. When their collections of diamonds and gems gained momentum, the customers were all frenzied about the stylish and classy collections. World class designers craft their jewels with great precision and acumen to produce wedding, casual, lightweight and designer jewelry for women. They train a young crowd in NIFT so they will come up with innovative designs thus bridging the tastes of all generations.

8.Saravana Stores Gold Palace

Next to Mambalam railway station, which is considered the very heart of the city, pulling hundreds of people every day for shopping is the Saravana Stores. It clubs textiles and jewelry and towers a good 7 storey. The showroom is extremely spacious so one could easily take a stroll around and choose jewels at ease. The staff is trained to be very courteous and help you have a hassle-free process. They are marked as one of the Best Jewellery Shops in Chennai

9.Lalitha Jewellery

Started in 1985, Lalitha jewelry was one of those prominent buildings in the heart of T Nagar. They expanded rapidly due to word of mouth as well as advertising. They offer a variety of designs for customers which complies with 916 BIS Hallmark. This hallmark gives Lalitha jewelry its authenticity and added to this is the skill of the designers. The intricate patterns and dazzling gems add glory to Lalitha Jewellery’s wide and renowned collection. They are known for their least wastage, especially when it comes to diamonds. They offer American diamonds and stones of almost all colors at affordable prices.

10.Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds began as one of the branch of the big tree that is the Malabar Group of Companies. They are known for their numerous outlets which flaunt gold, diamond, platinum and pearl ornaments. They fuse many cultures to get exquisite varieties that appeal to the crowds of people who look out for innovative styles and are trusted as the Best Jewellery Shops in Chennai. Designers and researchers unite to fabricate wonderful collections that fit every customer’s purchasing limits. They are especially known for their bridal collections.

Walking in the very streets of T Nagar, you are sure to come across a great number of Jewellery shops in Chennai. Always ensure that you have the latest price of gold updated so you can choose your shops wisely. Hope this lists on Top 10 Jewellery Shops in Chennai would also be useful to you.

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