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Top 10 Office Interior Designers in Chennai

You have a start-up or a franchise of a well-known icon and now you need an office? You have chosen the best location and a spacious building. Is that enough to satisfy your employees and customers? What could you possibly do to live everyone’s spirit as well as keep an air of professionalism? As a timeless saying goes, the first impression is the best impressions and to exploit this, you must have great interiors in your office. Here’s a list of Top 10 Office Interior Designers in Chennai

Top 10 Office Interior Designers in Chennai

1.Deejos Interiors

Having about 8 years of experience and almost 500 skilled laborers and 100 talented and creative professionals, Deejos Interiors has provided efficient and aesthetic solutions for both residential and commercial interiors. They have an equipped staff who give due importance to the fulfillment of the customers and offer packages to the customers based on their budget. They are known to be passionate about the designs they provide and they have qualified and superior talent in the service they offer. They use a lot of imported technology and offer a variety of themes you can choose from They are considered the best office interior designers in Chennai. They manage space very efficiently and design optimally. It also has its office in Bangalore and Delhi.

2.Orange Interior

Orange Interior is committed to providing innovative interiors to both residential and commercial buildings. The fundamental needs of the clients are met with aesthetic pleasure with efficient management of resources. Their services include the steps of space planning, conceptualization, working drawings, 3-dimensional views, project management, materials selection, furniture, and fabric selection and Vaastu consultation if needed. They provide services such as storage and cabinets, false ceilings and wall paneling. Their finishes include veneer, laminates, PU, and acrylic.


This organization of 120 professionals is based in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Jaipur. They do a myriad of services such as architectures, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, master planning and project management. When it comes to interior decoration, they offer services for buildings like residences, apartments, villas, offices, retail, hospitality, commercial and healthcare. You can avail their six features once you decide to work with them which are: getting a budget upfront, 3D visualization, accurate bill of quantity, vendor discounts, visual daily progress and aid in reasoning and approvals. The features they uniquely claim to provide are cross innovation, quality check, principles and ethics, flexibility, progressive design revisions and quick turn around time.

4.Sanskriti Interiors

Dedicated to office interior decoration, Sanskriti is based in Chennai and has helped many offices get their dream furnishing. From ‘conception to completion’ is their motto and they stick to it. Their services include space planning, color scheming, lighting design and other designing. They have skilled resources for works like carpentry, plumbing, laying tiles, polishing, and painting. They also handle electrical works. Their in-house team of designers make the floor plans and offer you different designs, colors, materials and lightings to choose from. For offices, they specialize in partitions, workstations and tables, cupboards, false ceilings, flooring, paneling and electrical works. They also help with telephone wiring and lighting. They do not charge for the designs and initial proposal such as floor plans. They also give a one year guarantee and will rectify any faults during the period and are the best Office Interior Designers in Chennai.


Offcentered is one of the best interior designers in Chennai with over 10 years of experience that provides a lot of designing services for residential and commercial purposes. Equipped with creative, loyal and dedicated staff, who are supervised throughout the process to ensure a quick and aesthetic work, you have nothing to worry once you choose Offcentered. Based on the requirement of the office, they provide customized and personalized space based on comfort. Their complete focus is on customer satisfaction which makes them ensure that the project is well within the time limit and budget. You can complement this with other services they provide such as graphic design, product design, lighting design and visual graphics.

6.OCI Architects

OCI architects is a very well renowned organization of dedicated planners, designers, and architects who have great experience in the field. They have undertaken projects in quite a lot of fields: auditorium, airport, residential, commercial, corporate offices, colleges, factories, green buildings, hotels, clubhouses, landscapes, malls, medical, religious, resorts, transportation, skyscrapers, SEZs, stadiums and so on. With such a wide range of experience, it is only natural the number of awards the organization has received at a state, national and international level. For office interiors, you can check their designs for corridors, conference halls, canteens, lobby, reception, boardroom, and cabins and they are one of the best office interior designers in Chennai.

7.Creative architects & interiors

This Chennai based company is truly one among the best solution providers for interior designing and architecture. They undertake both residential and commercial projects. They have highly training and qualified professionals. The main components that drive them are innovation and going green. They try to optimize resources and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives to help sustainability. They are great at planning and project management as well.

8.Ansari and Associates

Ansari and Associates Architects & Interior Decorators undertake interior designing projects in residential, commercial and office purposes. They have designed offices of software, trading, shelter, logistic companies and have a good sense of which type of interiors go for which type of office. They put deep thought, hours of brainstorming and the great amount of research into planning the spaces and selecting the finishing. This is because they want to put maximum creativity and unique customization in their projects.

9.Sri Ram Interiors

With over 15 years of experience in interior designing and renovation, this company has gathered a great amount of experience and knowledge to be competent. They are transparent with their commitments and dealings. When it comes to office interiors, they ensure that it is highly organized and sophisticated and provides that pleasant atmosphere to work in. Appropriate furniture and spacious cupboards for files are few of their vital considerations. They keep trying to come up with new themes to stay on top of their competitors in terms of creativity. They choose the best colors, with beautiful designs and comfortable furniture.

10.Access Interiors and Enterprises

They believe that the design for any building is it commercial or residential, it must represent peace, harmony, and organization. These can be achieved with a combination of their services when it comes to interior design such as space planning, lighting design, furniture design, finishing, color combinations and interior landscaping. They endeavor to use materials that endure any wear and tear and are the best Office Interior Designers in Chennai. As they are experts in aesthetically appealing designs, they generally get a lot of repeat orders or other orders by former clients’ recommendations.

With this list of Top 10 Office Interior Designers in Chennai, you can easily get a wonderfully designed office that the employees would enjoy working in, a place you can flaunt to your clients to bring more business in, a place that is so pleasing that it improves productivity and maintains an atmosphere of peace and harmony. So, go ahead and get your new office decorated or if you already have one, never hesitate to renovate it using these specialists!

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