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Top 10 Financial Consultants in Chennai

Top 10 Financial Consultants in Chennai
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Vridhi Investments

Financial consultants or advisors play a vital role in our day-to-day lives. One must be aware of the fact as to where they are investing their money. With the price hike, financial assistance becomes highly essential to save one’s money. A financial consultant gives us the best guidance and helps in our financial planning. But, simply taking advice from a financial consultant is not enough, we must know if the person, from whom we are seeking help, actually guides us through the right track.

For this, we must consider checking all the benefits we will find in a consultant company, before shaking hands with any of them. But, our busy days and little time prevents us from going through a number of options. We simply chose whatever seems “ok” and companies take advantage of this and sell us useless products that is not even worthy.

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Financial Consultants in Chennai that, we at Business Review Today hope will benefit people to a great extent.

1.Holistic Investment Planners

They provide financial assistance to Senior Corporate Executives and NRIs. They provide the best financial planning, thereby helping their clients safeguard their wealth. They help their clients in all kinds of financial and investment decisions. They specializes in tax planning, estate planning, risk management planning, investment planning, retirement planning, money management coaching. They chose from a variety of options and gives the best to their clients.

Many people are seen benefited by doing business with Holistic Investment Planners who have a shortage of time and cannot look after their own balance sheet. Also they analyze through a wide range of retirement options and chose the best for people who will be stepping into retirement.

2. Chamomile Investment Consultants

Need a second opinion for your financial planning? Try Chamomile Investment Consultants. Other than providing convenient financial services, they also provide ‘Pick and Plan’ for a goal, rebalance portfolio based on risk tolerance, etc. They provide the best financial advice and believe in sharing a friendly bond with their clients.

The first experience with Chamomile will teach you personal finance along with a cup of Chamomile tea. Learning monopoly will actually help people in seeing the various sides of financial life. The chief planner of Chamomile, Sridevi Ganesh is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor. She holds a CFPCM certification. The offer financial assistance to SMEs(medium sized enterprises). They also provide money return policies on financial plannings.

3.Vridhi Investments

One of the best financial consultancies in Chennai, Vriddhi Investments is run by Vivek Karwa, who himself is a certified financial planner with a 12 year of experience in assisting investors like NRIs, HNIs, Retail, Corporates, Trusts, etc. and is always visible in various news channels. They provide unbiased financial assistance.

They specialize in financial planning, wealth management and investment advice, customized advisory and all other kinds of financial services. They stay updated with all kinds of financial projects, which make them the leading financial consultancy in India.


Led by Mr. Narendar Kumar with an experience of 8 years, Assuredgain is the leading financial consultancy in Chennai. They provide impartial fee based financial advice. Mr. Kumar is a Certified Personal Financial Advisor and a NSE Certified Market Professional. They are a commission free consultancy and do not promote any unwanted products.

They follow various stages for their financial planning process viz., determine one’s current financial status, develop their goal, provide and evaluate alternate options, assess the risk, create, implement, revise and review the financial plan, thereby helping their clients with the best possible solution.

5.Fortune Planners

It is one of the leading financial consultancies in Chennai and is an independent financial advisor. Mr. Padmanaban is the promoter of the company with an experience of about 13 years in the e-Publishing industry. He got the Certified Financial Planner certification in 2009 and also provides financial help to those who wants to increase their wealth. They help to deal with the future financial crisis without any worries by balancing the present financial status.

They also provide solutions for risk management as today’s world is not a bed of roses and there is a risk of losing money every moment. They go through a detailed analysis and give the best possible solution to all risk related issues in our businesses. This includes assembling relevant information about your business and market, identifying the major risks facing your organization, developing a risk strategy and implementing the risk management procedures.


Many people these days are interested in investing their money in the stock market. But, are we investing in the right company? Will this investment be fruitful? Will it be profitable? These are the most common questions that rises in one’s mind while doing trading.

EQSIS is the one-stop solution to all these questions. It helps its clients in making wise trading decisions. They mostly provide financial help in the trading industry and is considered to be one of the trustful Stock Market Research and Training provider. It helps its clients to stay updated with the day-to-day news of the market by providing various data analysis. They firmly believe in transparency with their clients and provide all kinds of finance related help to all the people associated with EQSIS.

7.Smart Advisors

Smart Advisors mainly provide financial planning to businesspersons so that their business can reach the extreme height of success. Their major perks are Transaction Services, Investment Banking, Strategic Advisory and Outsourced Services. They work in two teams; one team helps mid-sized companies to grow and the other team encourages start-up companies, giving them all kinds of assistance necessary for their growth.


Ithought is registered with SEBI and one of the leading financial consultants in Chennai. They provide three step services- planning, analytics and advisory. They make us aware as to where we should invest and where not. One will always have a guide to show him/her the right direction and take care of one’s wealth as his or her own.

We invest in mutual funds and forget about it until the term of investment gets over. One must be aware of where his/her money is, and keep evaluating. But, shortage of time does not let people keep a track of their investments. A guide can help you stay updated about everything and help their clients reach their financial goals without any worries.

9.Gold Edge Financial Consultants

A SEBI registered investment adviser, Gold Edge provides assistance to security related financial advices such as stocks, Mutual Fund, etc. They go through all the aspects of financial strategies and then give us a detailed analysis of how and where we can invest our money. Other than financial assistance, they also provide insurance advisory, income tax advisory and investment advisory like services.

Mr. Deepak Kapoor, who is the founder of Gold Edge is a chartered accountant and a SEBI registered investment adviser is serving in this field since 1987. They believe in sharing a long-term, trustworthy and confident relation with their clients.

10.Bajaj Capital Ltd.

With an experience of over 50 years, Bajaj Capital Ltd. is India’s premier “Investment Services” company. Their 360-degree Financial Assessment Tool separates them from any other financial consultant company.

They follow a three step process to analyze all finance related projects viz., need analysis, scheme selection, efficient execution. They aim to serve their clients with all possible solutions available regarding financial planning with dedication and integrity, by providing unique services and earn their trust. Also, they ensure to create value for all stake holders and educate citizens on the merits of investments. Last but, definitely not the least they use teamwork as their key element to build a harmonious organization.

Based on the above points, we hope one can definitely decide as to which Financial consultancy in Chennai, they should seek help for their financial planning and financial assistance so that they can have an unbiased, unparalleled and smooth future and secure their money without compromising their needs.

Have you availed service of any Financial Planners in Chennai? Share your thoughts about the Best Financial Consultants in Chennai in the comments!

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