Top Aviation Courses for a Career in Aviation

Top Aviation Courses for a Career in Aviation

“The world is focused on Indian aviation – from manufacturers, tourism boards, airlines and global businesses to individual travellers, shippers, and businessmen. If we can find common purpose among all stakeholders in Indian aviation, a bright future is at hand” said Mr. Tony Tyler, Director General, and CEO, International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The total passenger traffic in aviation sector was recorded as 190.1 million in the fiscal year 2015, which grew to 223.6 million in the fiscal year 2016. The compounded annual growth of total traffic freight stands as 6.8 per cent over FY06-16. India is one of the fastest growing aviation markets globally with 275 million passengers annually. Investment in this sector is US$ 931.05 million between April 2000 and March 2016.

Added to all this, the aviation sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Along with this, there is an increase in the jobs in this sector. Airline companies are spending a huge amount to get the best out of their employees.

Mostly all other sectors are over-crowded with high competition.

Here we present TOP 10 AVIATION COURSES that students should consider for a brighter Career. They have been listed on the basis of their demand, opportunities, and financial outcome and on the choice of recruiters.


Description: A degree in Masters of Aviation Management gives the candidate a competitive advantage in comparison to all other degrees. This degree helps the candidate to develop an overall understanding and working of commercial aircraft operation at various operational levels. It includes considerate knowledge about different aspects of management including organizational, regulatory, technical and business and then applying this understanding to the aviation sector. Added to all this the scope of employment for such a skilled candidate is very high in the sector. The domains covered through this sector are ground handling, cargo, aviation safety, fleet management, fuelling management and related activities of the aviation industry.

Eligibility: Any undergraduate can apply for this course.

Duration: 2 years

Cost: Rs 300000-Rs 1000000

Colleges: Few colleges in Chennai that provide this course are Air Carnival Aviation Academy, Remo International College of Aviation, Chennai Business School, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai Universal Aviation Academy, Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology, and much more.

Future: Aerospace Regulatory Authorities, National and International Airports, National and International Airlines, Air Cargo Operators, Aviation Fuel Companies, Allied Aviation Service Providers, and much more.


Description: The most classified job in the aviation sector is that of a pilot. Prior to knowledge and skills what matters is the candidate’s discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment, and self-confidence. Special emphasis is now been given to pilot training, and because of this the scope and of this degree and highly qualified candidates have increased. This training covers expertise of air navigation, clarification of meteorological reports, operating highly refined equipment and mechanical controls.   

Eligibility: 10+2 or a course equivalent

Subjects including Mathematics and physics is must

At least 16 years of age

Duration: 1 year (approx.)

Cost: Rs 400000-Rs 800000

Colleges: Orient Flights, Avel Flight School and Aviation College, PTC Aviation Academy, Remo College, National College of Aviation, and much more.

Future: Commercial Pilot


Description: The entire functioning of the aviation sector depends on how efficient and effective its ground staffs are. In order to have a hassle-free functioning the demand for such candidates are increasing. The numerical of air traffic is increasing, it is expected to be 450 million by 2020. With this, the scope for this course is increasing. This course trains the candidate to effectively handle both people and cargo (goods). The dimension of job roles is airport handling, cargo and transportation, passenger handling, and customer service.

Eligibility: Minimum 18 years and Maximum 28 years (varies)

                  Candidate must have passed 10+2 or graduation

Duration: Varies according to institutes, Minimum 2 months

Cost: Minimum 25,000 (varies)

Colleges: PTC Aviation Academy, Remo College, Glider Aviation Services, RIC Aviation, Fly Air Aviation Academy, Universal Airhostess Academy Pvt. Ltd, Institute for Personality Etiquette & Grooming and much more,

Future: Ground Handling, Customer Management, Ticket Booking, Ground Support Executive, Luggage Handling, VVIP Management, Cargo Management


Description: The role of an Air Hostess is to provide a comfortable flight to the passengers added to their safety. Air hostess jobs are also known as flight attendants and cabin crew. Their job role includes evacuating the plane in an event of emergency, Briefing the passengers about flight health and safety, assisting the passengers as and when required, following the check list and all such related tasks. This job is although a fascinating one but it is equally challenging. From night shifts to long flight journey, from handling customers to looking perfect all the time, this job has its own importance and cannot be taken lightly. The training specifically includes ways to handle unruly passengers, steps to take in case of emergency and even terrorism. Having its own daring work it is also the most lucrative job.

 Eligibility: 10 +2/HSC/Graduates

                   Age of candidate must be within 17 years to 27 years (varies)

Duration: Minimum 1 year

Cost: Minimum 100000

Colleges: PTC Aviation Academy, Fly Air Aviation Academy, Institute for Personality Etiquette And Grooming, Glider Aviation Services, Remo International College, Universal Airhostess Academy Pvt Ltd, and much more.

Future: Senior Flight Attendant Head Attendant Ground Hostess, Guest Relationship Officer


Description:  The flight dispatcher is equally responsible for the safety and operational control of the flight. The candidate will be responsible for evaluating the safety, reviewing the crew, maximizing efficiency, and in-flight monitoring. Although this career is highly pressurizing but the returns are also high. The flight dispatcher along with the pilot is responsible for to set up a flight plan in such a way that the aircraft reaches its destination with minimum operational cost. This job requires knowledge about navigation facilities, airline routes, and landing characteristics of all aircraft.

Eligibility: Minimum 18 years and Maximum 28 years (varies)

Candidate must have passed 10+2 or graduation

Duration: Minimum 1.5 month (varies)

Cost: Minimum 50,000 (Highly variable)

Colleges: Avel Flight School and Aviation College, Fly Air Aviation Academy, Orient Flights, and, National College of Aviation.

Future: Flight Operation Assistant, Assistant Flight Dispatcher, Flight Operation Executive, Airport Ground Dispatcher, and Aircraft Dispatcher.


Description: In this course candidates are trained to appear for RTR license exam from Wireless Planning and Co-ordination Wing (WPC) of the Ministry of Communication, Government of India. The Radio officer is a key person in managing aircraft operations. The information, signals, and instructions transmitted in the air transport are of critical importance for providing a safe and a swift operation of an aircraft. Understanding a signal wrong can be disastrous.

Eligibility: Candidate must have passed 10+2 or graduation

Duration: Minimum 3 months.

Cost: Minimum 15000 (varies)

Colleges: Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Madras Institute of Technology, Avel Flight School and Aviation College, and much more.

Future: Job profile of Radiotelephony operator in foreign airlines, airport authorities, aviation companies


Description: Airport Customer Agents are employed by individual airline companies to cover the aspect of customer service from the view of passengers, airport, and airline. They are required to deal and bestow with the inquiries of passengers and that their baggage boards the correct aircraft. These might seem as small jobs. But these are the most crucial ones. Airline companies spend a huge amount of money to employ such candidates. At the end what matters is the satisfaction of the passengers. And these job roles are important in their evaluation. Hence the demand for this job is increasing in the sector.

Eligibility: Candidate must have passed 10+2 or graduation 

Duration: Minimum 3 weeks (varies)

Cost: Minimum 10000 (highly variable)

Colleges:  Remo International College, PTC Aviation Academy, Fly Air Aviation Academy, Avel Flight School and Aviation College, and much more.

Future: With progress, one might get a supervisory role or a management position like flight dispatcher.


Description: One sector that is growing rapidly is the hospitality sector. It contributes around 10% to GDP. Now a course that combines both hospitality and aviation has its own value and importance which is impeccable. The candidate must be highly skilled and must have good communication skills to meet the hospitality requirements in this sector.

Eligibility: The candidate must have qualified 12th standard examinations (any stream)

Duration: 1 year

Cost: Minimum 75000

Colleges: Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess, PTC Aviation Academy, NewTech International Academy, Fly Air Aviation Academy, and more.

Future: The job horizon expands to Cabin crew, Ground staff, Office operators etc.


Description: The job of aeronautical engineers is to provide specifications for the design, development, manufacture, maintenance, and modification of aircraft. These engineers are required to use their tech based knowledge to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of the aircraft. They test, modify, evaluate, and again evaluate the aircraft. They also provide suggestions to management regarding the same and analyze and interpret data.

Eligibility: The candidate must have qualified 12th standard examination in science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as subjects.

Duration: 4 years

Cost: Minimum 300000 (highly variable)

Colleges: Madras Institute of Technology, P.B. College of Engineering, Tagore Engineering College, KCG College of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, GKM College of Engineering and Technology, and much more.

Future: Chief Engineer, Research and Development Engineer, Design Engineer.


Description: These engineers deal with air regulations, navigation, meteorology, aircraft and engines, flying experience, airframes and engines, crew and safety management, aviation security, and air traffic control and management. It is an undergraduate course in Infrastructure Management. This course shall teach candidates about airport planning, passenger forecasting, airport security, fire safety, aerodrome work, and much more related topics. This course suits the best to those students who are interested in airside activities of operation as well as management in the aviation sector.

Eligibility: The candidate must have qualified 12th standard examination in science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as subjects.

Duration: 3 years

Cost: Minimum 250000 (Highly variable)

Colleges: VELS University, Bharath University, Hindustan Institute Of Technology and Science, Tagore Engineering College, and much more.  

Future: Service maintenance engineer, Flight test engineer, Aircraft maintenance engineer, Aviation Line, technician,

Hope this article was useful.  Chose smartly and chose the best.

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