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Top 10 Financial Consultants in Hyderabad

Top 10 Financial Consultants in Hyderabad
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Artha Yantra
Wholelife Financial Services
PNR Wealth

Everyone knows that investments are the best way to beat inflation and also save or even earn in a clever way. However, not everyone has the time and energy to focus on market research and choosing the right investments. What suits one never suits another. And this is why it’s always best to delegate this to the Financial Consultants. Here are Top 10 Financial Consultants in Hyderabad who will help you preserve or even multiply your wealth:

1. ArthaYantra Consultants

ArthaYantra surely raves about their one click solutions. You’re just a click away from superior advice on goals, tax, investment and risk. When you enroll for their services, you will be assigned a certified personal adviser who would help you understand all our expenses and manage your investments. Once you have in mind the kind of growth you are looking for, they will help you set the time required for it and the amount you need. They claim that the advice they provide helps you improve savings over 21%. This also seems a good deal when the plans are available at an affordable amount of Rs. 1000/-.

They provide an engaging SMS platform which helps you see the improvement of your financial health based on their advice. The score, Personal Finance Quotient (PFQ), is calculated with certain metrics which indicates your financial health. They also have products like insurance and e-will which helps you with additional financial planning. They monitor your investments in real-time and ensure that your portfolio is reviewed and revised periodically based on market conditions.

2. Wholelife Financial Services

Wholelife Financial Services was incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 in the year 2004. They provide a wide variety of services such as financial planning, wealth management, investment planning, risk management, tax planning and retirement planning. Their key focus is client relationship. They have a great deal of experience, about 30 years, which makes them truly the veterans of the investment advisory domain.

They offer a variety of programs which are disciplines, thoroughly researched and lucrative. As highlighted previously, their focus on client relationship ensures a great commitment, candid discussions and ensures that they get your priorities straight. They aim to build trust, integrity and responsibility coupled with their expertise in the field to exceed the expectations of the clients. This implies that they want to retain the loyalty of the clients rather than help them out for a one-off transaction.

3.PNR Wealth & Financial Planners (P) Ltd

Headed by P.R.K. Naga Raju, the promoter director, PNR Wealth & Financial Planners Private limited, or PNRFP as they are known, is a wealth management and financial planning company. As they claim to be expert financial planners, their focus is on the planning part. They believe that planning ensures the best results in terms of steady wealth creation.  Their service includes financial literacy, management of personal finances properly, comprehensive financial planning, Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Children Education or Marriage Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Mutual funds and Home Loans.

Mr. Naga Raju started as an agent for Home loans and Insurance with LIC of India and after attending many conventions and conferences became a certified financial planner.  P. Jaya Lakshmi, co-promoter director of the company, is a commerce graduate from Andhra University who also actively involves in the everyday operations.

4.Maverick Financial Planners

Maverick has three key mottos: create, preserve and pass on wealth. Creating wealth is based on the requirements of the client and this requires clear-cut goals to be defined. To preserve wealth, one must be up to date, concentration on diversification and focus on trending products and services. Passing on wealth is the gift you give our family and loved ones. Maverick has programs that lets you do all these.

Managed by certified financial planners and MBA graduates with specialization, they have several years of experience. They provide services in the areas of Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Business Management, Consulting & Tax and advisory services for Individuals, Trusts and SMEs.  They also involve in your child’s future planning and provide services for NRIs.

Their key focus is wealth management, rather than financial planning. The difference between the two is that wealth planning takes care of affluent clients and relates to the management of abundant money rather than getting most out of limited resources.

5.Right Horizons

Right Horizons is a financial planner in Hyderabad which is based in Bangalore and also has offices in many other cities including Mumbai and Chennai. Their key focus is in providing end-to-end financial solutions. Beginning from investment advice, financial planning to insurance and real estate, they provide holistic services so you just have to give your requirements and they’ll see that the job is well done.

They focus primarily on long term investments which are most tax efficient and have the best risk adjusted returns. They focus on complete financial freedom which is based on their expertise couples with precision and care.

6.3rd Eye Financial Planners

Managed by experts in the field, 3rd Eye Financial Planners, is engaged in providing financial solutions to a myriad of customers across all sectors of the society like Salaried Persons, Business Persons, Professionals, Retirees, NRI’s, Expats and other select individuals with diverse situations and background having various goals. The qualified professionals managing the company have established a six step planning procedure. They begin by defining a plan and establishing client relationship. Then they organize the gathered data to set feasible goals and evaluate the current financial status. This is followed by a thorough design of a road map which is the implemented and reviewed.

The road map mentioned above includes the services of emergency funding, risk management, budgeting, debt management, retirement, investment, estate, and tax planning. They believe that financial planning is not just for the elite but for every person. They also help you rebalance your existing portfolio and review your ongoing investment portfolio.

7.ViVeKam Financial Services Pvt Ltd

After going through the services ViVeKam offers, one would surely find it to be very customized and well researched. They have quite a lot of services in three main domains of mutual funds, stocks and portfolio. When it comes to mutual funds, they have services that helps you spot and pick from among the top funds based on your time frame. They also offer a quick scan of the health of your current funds, mutual fund rebalancing and also mutual fund products. In terms of stocks related services, the help you pick the right stocks according to the holding capacity, return expectations, risk profiles, etc. They help to identify the best large, mid and small cap stocks. The Snapshot service allows you to have a birds-eye view of a particular company you are interested in to ensure you have enough information. Portfolio services include Portfolio Scanner to get an in-depth analysis of where your portfolio stands, PIE to know what’s the weakness of your portfolio, PRICE that gives you step-by-step advice on your portfolio, PEAS which gives price patter trend of your portfolio and a few more.

Apart from these three main domains, they also provide standalone services like Floaters, which allows a mix of safety and liquidity, Large Cap Growth and Vindex Large Cap. Check out their website to find more about all these unique services.


KPMG provides risk, financial & business advisory, tax & regulatory services, internal audit, and corporate governance services. It was founded in 1993 and now it has proliferated all over the country and has its operations in cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, etc.

Most of its clients are companies and the number has exceeded 2700. The global approach aids in providing value added service to the clients. Many IT companies and related companies get the service of this company. It has a strong presence in the Indian financial sector which ensures sufficient domain knowledge and expertise. They claim that their difference is rapid performance, industry-tailored and technology-enabled business advisory. This tech expertise enables them to deliver informed and timely business advice to clients. They also conduct advisory trainings and many events to stay on top of the financial planning sector.

9. Bajaj Capital
The name itself is a testimony of the reputation of this company. In many cases Bajaj seems to be the synonym of investments. Having over 50 years of experience, they have been helping thousands of people to grow and protect their wealth. Even though markets have fluctuates over the course of years, Bajaj has secured a firm name in financial planning.

Their personalized investment services include creating a snapshot using their proprietary tool called 360 Degree Financial Assessment Tool. This follows three steps:

  1. Need Analysis: This involved getting into the client’s profile and assessing them
  2. Scheme Selection: Based on the judgement, they provide the best of schemes to choose from
  3. Efficient Execution: Till the completion of the transaction and the review of it, they would constantly monitor the execution.

It is known that Bajaj capital is more of a distributor of financial products rather than a financial planner. Yet, the services provided by them ensure a good deal when it comes to savings and earnings.

10.ICICI Direct
ICICI is known for their customer-service. When it comes to financial planning too, they provide great service. Once you subscribe, a personal advisor will take the time to understand the financial conditions, goals and current investments. Once you are evaluated, the advisor devises a planner which matches our assets and liabilities and the risks that can be afforded. They claim to look over 2.5 million investment paths before a decision is taken. They have a platform called the Intelligent Track and Act platform which helps you track your financial plan from the ICICI direct website. This enables you to access it anytime from anywhere. It works 24 hours a day sends triggers if the asset allocations goes in the expected direction and helps you track as per your plan.

You also get half-yearly reviews from the financial experts which helps you re-assess your portfolio. They also offer services like retirement planning, portfolio evaluation and will drafting. You could also customize your own financial portfolio based on your expertise: beginner, investor, active investor.

Now that you have this list before you, and you know the importance of financial planning, go ahead and make a call as to whether you could independently manage your finances or let one of these experienced companies help you. There are also other independent financial planners in Hyderabad who have a good reputation based on their performance and client appraisals. Feel free to explore. Happy investing!

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