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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai

Engineering colleges are ubiquitous these days and every third person is emerging as an engineer. But is everyone getting the best education and are they well equipped to emerge as eminent in their work? It is crucial to choose your college carefully and to prepare for the relevant exams to get an admission into it. So, We Have listed out the Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai. 

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai

1.Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M)
Indian Institute of Technology under Government of India is recognized as a world-class and the top Engineering colleges in Chennai. Right next to the Guindy National park and a few historic sites and government bodies, the beautiful campus spanning an area of 2.5 kilometers is a spot of natural delight. Several species of animals thrive here along with rare flowers and wildlife like the spotted deer and black buck. The campus also has a natural lake. They have about 15 departments in campus and the faculties are distinguished persons with great expertise in the subjects they teach. IIT-M offers lectures that are recorded and can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection and these materials are used by students across the globe as they are of very great caliber. The entrance to the college involves getting a very good rank in the IIT-JEE which is one of the most difficult competitive exams for engineering colleges. You may also be interested in GRE Coaching in Chennai
Location: Guindy

2.College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG)
Located right in the middle of the city, near IIT Madras, the commute is very easy to this college as well. Anna University needs no laudation to prove its reputation. Brilliant alumni testify the education and opportunities bestowed upon the students in the college. The campus is very liberal and education here is based on academic books as well as practical experimentation. A lot of students volunteer to do projects and research to gain superior knowledge and exposure in their desired field. The campus premises have a lot of notable facilities to make the hardworking lives of students easier: barbers, tailors, stores, canteens, cafeteria, restaurant, pool, gym, playgrounds, courts, and arenas, bank, travel agencies, WiFi, and Amenities center to name a few. The campus life is nothing short of heaven and the placements after the engineering degree are very satisfactory as the placement center carefully picks the best companies with reasonable to extremely good salary packages. CEG is also a great place to pursue higher education.
Location: Guindy

3.Madras Institute of Technology (MIT)
Located in Chromepet right at the foot of the railway station and bus stop makes MIT one of the very accessible engineering colleges in Chennai. When it started out, it has a lot of experimental courses like aeronautical, automobile and instrumentation engineering which has eventually become famous and important degrees. Both CEG and MIT have really high cut-off marks and one has to be excellent in academics to get a seat in the college. MIT is well known for the faculty and discipline maintained on the campus while giving students ample freedom after class hours to pursue their interests or do projects or research. The well renowned AU-KBC research center is found on the campus. As part of the university departments of the Anna University, the placement has all the dream companies inclusive of core jobs, IT jobs, research jobs and management roles. The famous alumni of the college include Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and Sujatha Rangarajan. MIT’s biggest specialty is the alumni network. The alumni network offers scholarships, aid in placements, higher studies and the concept of T-series on campus ensures that every student has a series of seniors for their very personal aid.
Location: Chromepet

4. Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering (SSN)
Started with a broad mission and vision by Shiv Nadar, SSN has world-class facilities in terms of faculty, equipment, campus, and environment. There’s a college of engineering, school of management, school of advanced career education and a research center in the campus. They have all the major engineering under and post graduate degrees. Admissions into SSN is based on merit and University guidelines as it is affiliated to Anna University. SSN has always helped students create professions out of their extra-curricular activities as well. They provide a platform for students to form clubs of any sort and pursue their passions. SSN is especially known for the beauty that it is. The campus has been used as a shooting spot for quite a lot of movies and students enjoy walking and cycling along the boulevards. The companies of placement are almost the same as those that recruit students from Anna University.
Location: Kelambakkam

5. Sri Ramaswami Memorial University (SRM)
Founded in 1985 under University of Madras later to become a deemed university, it has many campuses across Tamil Nadu. The main campus at Kattankulathur spans a huge 310 acres. This campus comprises of a bounty of resources and recreations. The main components are the engineering college, medical college, science, and humanities college and management school. It also comprises of the medical school’s hospital and a research center and a hotel. Constantly rated among India’s top universities, one can expect the ultimate training. The faculty, equipment, premises, facilities and education is top notch here. To get into SRM, you’ll have to take up the SRMJEE. They have more than 20 specializations in engineering. SRM has an alliance with Carnegie Mellon University and this enables student exchange, abroad training and better chances of placements. SRM is famous for its SRMSAT which is an observation satellite built and operated by the students. This is a very good testimonial to the kind of education imparted.
Location: Kattankulathur

6.Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering (SVCE)
Founded in 1985 and established by the Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC) group, SVCE is one among the top private engineering colleges which come under Anna University affiliation. SVCE is one of the more liberal environment engineering colleges in Chennai where they allow the students to take the responsibility to groom themselves for future. Admissions are as per Tamilnadu Engineering Admissions Regulation and there are lateral entries and NRI quotas. They are well known in particular for the marine engineering course that they offer. They provide various scholarships and aid in getting books and instruments. Outstanding students are also given prize money every semester in every class. They have a strict anti-ragging policy. They have a list of companies that turn up for placements every year and there are world-renown companies outside the list that also visit the campus every year.
Location: Sriperumbudur

7.Alagappa College of Technology (ACT)
This beautiful campus, one of the oldest in the city, is located in the heart of the city right next to the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG). What distinguishes ACT from CEG is that they provide a lot of technology related courses which are not in CEG. It is best engineering colleges in Chennai. The students can specialize in very particular technologies like chemical engineering, textile, leather, ceramic, petroleum, biotechnology, and electrochemical research. These rare technology courses are research-based. With the reputation of Anna University, the students have various opportunities in terms of further education, placement, and research. Research degrees of M.S, Ph.D., M.Phil in all branches of engineering, science, and humanities is offered here. The cut-off marks to get into ACT is high, so one must prepare very hard for the 12th board exam to get here. There is a good number of sports quota seats as well.
Location: Guindy

8.Sri Sai Ram Engineering College
Known for its discipline installation and placement opportunities, Sri Sai Ram Engineering College has captured the heart of many students and parents. The 25-acre campus is beautiful with a temple at the very entrance. The faculty and management are shown great hospitality and they are competent to ensure proper training of the students. They have the superior infrastructure and give due importance to cultural values. There are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities and it prepares students to emerge as talented engineers in an all-rounded fashion. They have NCC and NSS to ensure students contribute to the society. They help in the process of application for scholarship and loans. The hostel premises are well-maintained and the food quality is good as they make it a point to inculcate healthy dietary habits in the students.
Location: West Tambaram

9.St. Joseph’s College of Engineering
If you are a person who lives to eat, this is your place! Apart from the superior engineering degrees they offer, the main highlight of St. Josephs has always been their delectable dishes. Their focus on academics is very intense coupled with their focus on sports. They believe in a healthy mind residing in a healthy body. Placements is another plus for this college as the big companies surely turn up here annually. The campus looks great and they have good facilities and the security system is very tight. They have an indoor auditorium, open-air theater, and conference halls. Other facilities in the campus are a dispensary, bank, beauty parlor, gym and place of worship. It is trusted as the Top Engineering colleges in Chennai
Location: Semmencherry

One of the private colleges in Chennai with great infrastructure is Veltech University. Courses related to engineering, media, and management are superior here. International Students are offered good support and students can avail scholarships based on their merit. They have many eminent alumni. The entrance exam they conduct is VTUEEE for B Tech degrees. They have a global alliance with universities abroad and during the final semester, the students are offered an opportunity to finish it abroad in a student exchange program. They also offer short courses that can be finished in a few months rather than the 4 years of engineering. They are known for their innovation in the education system and they train school teachers for the same. The university is certified for quality education as well as superior infrastructure and campus life and is the best engineering colleges in Chennai. Reviews of students indicate that the campus life may have strict rules. They also have sports facilities which would be useful for both students from sports quota as well as students interested in sports.
Location: Avadi

Choose the Best engineering colleges in Chennai from the list available. For more review on different fields keep following Business Review Today. 

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