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Top 10 Event Management Companies in Chennai

In this time of age, especially with the increasing importance of social media, socializing has become the norm. Some form of events or the other need to be organized to get people together, gather their attention and diverting their minds to the purpose of the event. You need to ensure that your audience are eager for these events and this means they have to be innovative, engaging and must have a broad scope. Better to leave the hassle of organizing and managing events to the experts. Here’s a list of Top 10 Event Management Companies in Chennai.

Top 10 Event Management Companies in Chennai

1.Da Eventz
Using the latest technology, Da Eventz has developed to manage events efficiently. Their technical skills aid them to manage most of the work using software. They help in conference events and product launches by providing innovative strategies to help business flourish for their client. They facilitate corporate events which include icebreakers and fun activities. They also help in setting up exhibition stalls. When it comes to organizing fashion shows, they provide the best visual effects to make it memorable and best at the field of event management companies in Chennai

2.Fun Designers
Fun Designers help you with a wide range of events. They have brand management services consisting of advertising, public relations, road shows and product launches. They also help organize themed parties be the audience kids or adults and are very good event management companies chennai. They have a pre-defined set of themes and they could also improvise based on your needs. This could be both corporate as well as birthday parties. They’re also great at wedding planning to make your special day comfortable. If you are looking for Interior Designers for home, you may also have a look on these interior designers in Chennai.

3.Ice Cube Events
Started in 2009 before event management was blooming, Ice Cube has established its superiority in terms of experience in event management. They have expanded to cater diverse events from conference management to wedding planning. The practices that they use to attain success are personalized service, attention to detail and maximum impact. The website also maintains a blog with the latest knowledge on maximizing the success of events.

4.Show Space
From 1998 Show Space has been a pioneer in event planning in Chennai. They are the top event management companies in chennai and aim to remove all the burden from the client and leave them with minimal responsibilities. They help in three types of events. Stage shows, their first specialty, involves conferences, inaugural and cultural functions, marquee events and promotions. Exhibition set ups are their second specialty. Their third specialty in product launching events is renowned as they have helped big automobile brands with this.

Having a wide exposure in terms of the number of clients, the audience witnessed, events managed, parties organized, Cloud9 with its 15 years of experience in the industry has progressively adapted to meet great standards expected of Event Management services. They offer three types of services. The business services involve brand architecture, identity and management, advertising strategy, marketing, and so on. The entertainment services involve parties, meets, product launches themed nights, artists and shows. The media services are creative with all their talented expertise in films, photo shoots, commercials, composition and creative design.

6.Ace Events
If you want to host some important event that you wish would reach a huge public audience, you’d consider bringing a celebrity into the picture. In these cases, Ace Events is your best bet. Their service offers celebrity management where an appointment is set with celebrities, their comfort and role are taken care of. Celebrities are also managed for inaugurations and as brand ambassadors. Ace Events also takes care of entertainment including singing, dancing, and acting.

7.Modern Entertainment
Modern Entertainment is based out of Chennai and is adept in facilitating parties, get-togethers, and shows. Modern Entertainment’s expertise is in decoration which is managed by Modern Balloon Decorators. Parties, Engagement, Reception, Wedding, Cultural and corporate events can be decorated with great skill at venues like halls, malls, lawns and dance floors. When it comes to entertainment, they help with setting up 3D floor games, bouncing castle, DJ, magic shows and crafts like nail art and face painting.

Arrit has good experience in managing conferences, seminars, dealer meets and exhibition stalls. They also have experience in social gathering events like get-togethers, weddings, birthday parties and thematic events. They are one of the best event management companies in Chennai.  Anything that you would find interesting over the Internet or from your very imagination, it could be facilitated for entertainment shows by Arrit. All the events are conducted, along with the venue, audience and guest list, decoration and other documentation within your budget.

9.Gautam and Gautam Group
The two primary services they offer are event management and tour packages. When it comes to event management, they offer corporate, wedding, birthday set-ups and are top event management companies in chennai. They have pre-defined packages that you can choose from. These packages are a set of 3 services either in corporate, social or other event set-ups.

10.Brandwise Events & Experiences
This institute helps to deliver successful events right from the conceptualization, pre-production till post-production. Their services include experiential marketing such as press conferences and meeting, promotional activities, channel marketing campaigns like training and programs, rewards and recognition programs like annual events and contests, and entertainment services like talent shows, audio launch, etc.

These Top 10 Event Management Companies in Chennai will organize an excellent events. You can choose the best event management companies in Chennai that meets up your requirements. For more reviews on different field keep following Business Review Today 

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