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Top 10 B Arch Colleges in Chennai

Becoming an architect is truly a noble and creative choice of career because you do not just flaunt your skills but contribute to the society’s employment, shelter, and community. To become an architect, it isn’t enough to know how to draw buildings and sell your plans. You must also learn to make constructions that are rooted on many moral and economical grounds. Critical thinking and attention to detail are most important traits of a good architect. An architect is responsible from the inception to the maintenance of a project which involves not just technical skills but also business skills. Such things can be developed easily if you get into a good institute and choose electives that make you specialized in your field. Here’s a list of the Top 10 B Arch Colleges in Chennai

Top 10 B Arch Colleges in Chennai

1.School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University
This institute began as a department in the University of Madras on the campus of the well renowned Alagappa College of Technology. Later, it became independent owing to the demand for this course and increased number of admissions. After becoming independent in the year 1968, the college has produced the finest architects across the city and the country. The U.G and P.G. programs have been established for a long while and they also offer M.S. and Ph.D. Programs for the same. With the reputation of Anna University, one can fathom the dexterity of the faculty, the cutting-edge technology, industrial exposure, easy placements at big firms, and other facilities. The NATA score is used for admission here and one must really get a superior score at that. There’s a Quality Improvement Cell in the campus that ensures the best quality training for the faculty. They also have a materials museum and a model making the workshop to let students get hands-on practice. A multipurpose hall displays the works of the students from time to time. They are the best Architecture colleges in Chennai
Location: Guindy

2.Crescent School of Architecture, B S Abdur Rahman University
The institution is full of progress and innovation for aspiring architects and other students interested in relevant areas of study. The 5-year undergraduate program is carefully designed in a way to improve creativity, boost confidence, be responsible socially, create innovate changes, interact with businesses, build green and clean structures and become globally renowned. Responding to human habitat, the basic needs to the utmost luxury desired, the architects must be able to provide designs for any structure based on the requirements. Once they do, they must be competent enough to impress the businesses and market and establish their name. This institute guides the students in aspects more than just aesthetic and creative skills which are very welcome in any undergraduate program. This can be followed up with the masters which lead to even more specialization.

3.MEASI academic of architecture
In 1999, this institution was established and it is an independent college just for Architecture. Imagine how specialized the institution must be! It is known for its atmosphere is intimate and facilitates socialization in a traditional way. They focus on creative thinking, aesthetic sensitivity, and technical knowledge. They try to instill a sense of social responsibility so that their architecture is directed to the communal good. If you explore the works done by the alumni, you would surely want to enroll yourself into this institution: such breath-taking structures with careful planning and minimal wastage. They have sports and other events on campus to make the arduous days lively. To control any nuisance, they have a strong anti-ragging policy if violated leads to very serious penalties.

4.School of Architecture, Hindustan University
This 5-year B.Arch course at Hindustan University has its primary focus on creativity. Architects should not just have the ability to just reproduce or maintain the best practices that they have acquainted. They should have the ability to create structures of their own, come up with innovative ideas to minimize waste, improve comfort and lifestyle. Thinking in a futuristic sense is the best practice for any architect which is why the university focuses primarily on imaginative and analytic thinking along with skills like communication and technical skills. The university thoroughly allows you to capture the idea in your head into a canvass and then communicating to the civil engineers. The curriculum is designed in a way to address the latest areas of concern. They focus on leadership skills, project building skills, and efficiency. Once the course is done, they provide an opportunity to work on government projects like public work department, housing and urban development, municipalities, etc. You may also get idea from this Architects in Chennai 

5.School of Architecture, Meenakshi engineering college
The course was started in 2009 in this institute and they now take up to 80 students annually it is the very good Architecture colleges in Chennai. They offer a full-time five-year course and this involves lots of projects, hands-on, theory, creativity development, and innovativeness. They have ample exposure to symposiums, contests and other competitions. A few of the event for the faculty include training programs, faculty development programs, workshops, seminars, invited lecturers. This is done on a regular basis to keep the faculty up to date with the industry and customize the teaching experience of the students with the latest developments.
Location: K K Nagar

6.SRM University
The architecture course at SRM university is lauded because of great opportunities, advanced electives, practical exposure and assured placement. This 10-semester course has inputs of distinguished professors and visiting faculties who are furnished with years of industrial experience. Annual gatherings in the form of conferences and symposiums expose the students to hone and exhibit their technical skills. The Architecture Association in the campus keeps alive the industry to institute ties by conducting special workshops, product presentations, and lectures. The B Arch can be followed with the 2-year MArch program at SRM which is a very innovative and specialized program there. They are the best Architecture colleges in Chennai
Location: Kattankulathur

7.School of Architecture, Dr. M.G.R. Educational, and Research Institute
They are the best B Arch Colleges in Chennai and this college began from 2011, which was followed by the MArch program which has three specializations. The 5-year bachelor’s program offered by competent professors is combined with seminars and workshops to keep it a holistic approach. The facilities of workshops consist of civil, electrical and carpentry workshop and labs consist of computer photography, climatology and survey labs. Students have avidly involved themselves in paper publications and the college offers a wide platform to do so.

8.School of Architecture, Bharath University
The 4-year architecture programs offered by Bharath University couples traditional learning of the history and working of previous pieces of architecture with the current state-of-the-art practices and hands-on. The architecture as a result of the student’s education would be considerate of all sociological, economic, climatological factors. Admission into the college can be done by applying online or by going to the college in person and filling out a form. They need to have good grades in 10th, 12th and the NATA exam to qualify. They offer various scholarships for toppers which are tuition waivers, there are also merit scholarships. They offer Ph.D. in areas like architectural conservation, landscape architecture, interior decoration, environment planning, digital architecture and so on. They facilitate guest lecturers by eminent persons from time to time.
Location: Selayur

9. Rajalakshmi School of Architecture
The main focus of this college is to create ‘Green Architecture’ by which they mean creating structures with the emphasis on natural sustenance. They want the students to understand the relationship between aesthetics, culture, weather, water and utility to craft the buildings. They believe in practical training rather than theoretic courses when it comes to Architecture. The college is affiliated to Anna University and the admission process is streamlined by Anna University guidelines. They annually intake about 80 students. This 5-year course provided by them well-rounded education and acquaintance with the latest trends and technologies. They are the best B Arch Colleges in Chennai
Location: Thandalam

10.DaVinci School of Design and Architecture
The location of this college is quite accessible when compared to most other architecture colleges in Chennai. This institute is a stand-alone college for architecture and this makes them truly specialized in what they do and they are considered as the best Architecture colleges in Chennai. Admission into this college is as per Anna University regulations and counseling. This is based on the NATA score and the 10th and 12th marks. They also provide a scholarship for eligible candidates. They have a distinguished faculty comprising of qualified professors, skilled allied and visiting faculty. The institute also participates in a lot of events. They have a library called the temple of learning, a climatology lab, computer lab, model making lab, studios and construction yard.
Location: Karapakkam

As you can see, the NATA exam is the commonly accepted score for all architecture college admissions and so you must prepare yourself and give the exam. There are quite some coaching centers in the city for the same most of whom are an independent artist. With a little more research into the course, with this Top 10 B Arch Colleges in Chennai, you will have a fairly good idea of how you can get into the dream college and turn into the architect you have always dreamed yourself to be. So, All the best for getting into your dream Architecture colleges in Chennai. 

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