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Top 10 Franchise in India

Top 10 Franchise in India

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Chain stores are found almost everywhere in India. The main reason for this is the brand name. People are always on the lookout for the best and once they find the best products, they want to stick to it as much as they can. With globalization, we have International brands or brands inspired by ideas from around the globe. Franchises are established only after knowing the demand and relevance of the offering to the area around it. Here is a list of Top 10 Franchise in India that is renowned


1. EnglishLabs

EnglishLabs have been known for quite some time since their establishment in 2015 for their expertise in English language learning courses. Their courses involve training for competitive examinations based on the language such as IELTS, TOEFL. Surprisingly, English is not the only language which can be learned at EnglishLabs. They also offer courses in other languages like French and German. EnglishLabs offers practical training that ensures you get a full hold on the English language. This is relevant for job seekers as well as students pursuing higher education. They have 3 levels of coaching: Beginner, intermediary and advanced. Their training also comprises of the materials they provide which are abundant and free. These can be used in the classroom training as well as online training. Mock tests are conducted for the thorough understanding of the concepts. The language skill learned here is further enhanced by an additional corporate training of communication skills which includes client meetings, handling client calls, email etiquette, and other interactions. They have a great clientele and it sure is one of the best education franchise found in India. You can also have a look on Franchise in Chennai

2. McDonalds

The fact that the logo is so identifiable tells you how well-known the franchise is. McDonalds was one of the first fast food chains to enter the franchise market in India and it has spread across the cities in no time. You’d surely find an outlet in each mall and food court in the cities. It has been a go-to place for teenagers, lazy IT folk and of course, the kids, with Happy Meal that surprises them with a toy. It has also been able to cater to the Indian market by introducing Paneer Wrap, Aloo Tikki Burger etc. The food here is easy in the pocket and they keep much Franchise India with innovating by bringing new recipes to the plate.

3. KFC

The secret recipe for KFC has fascinated fried chicken aficionados all over the globe. It is a testament to KFC that so many copycats have popped up who try to recreate the taste with no success. Founded in Kentucky by Colonel Sanders at the age of 60, KFC redefined the concept of fast food. Even though it has ‘chicken’ in its name, KFC has diversified to include burgers, wraps, salads, and sandwiches. The smoothies are a must-have part of the KFC meal. Needless to say, a visit to any of the numerous outlets in India will end with a finger licking experience.

4. Westside

Westside has is a cool shopping outlet in many cities, usually found in any mall and have much Franchise in India! The store is always up to date with its collections and it is unisex, so it could be a one stop shop for a family. It has both trending informal clothes to formals like suits and shirts. This TATA enterprise also includes a number of well reputed international brands. This attracts a lot of customers who are particular about brands. They also roll out a great number of discounts during sale seasons. The materials used and the skill with which the clothes are tailored, you will know for sure that it is worth the price. It also offers a loyalty card that you can use to add credits and use the points for the future purchase.

5. Dominos

When you think pizza, you think Dominos, be it the hot pan pizza or the cheese filled cheese burst and double cheese pizza. It doesn’t stop with the best pizza, it goes on to be one of the favored spots for the delectable garlic bread as well. Even though it entered relatively late when compared to Pizza Hut, Dominos has such a stronghold that it is the true synonym of a fast food restaurant. Almost everyone recognizes the blue and red uniformed delivery agents riding their mopeds to deliver within 30 minutes or less. Dominos also regularly pulls in customers with offers and discounts which at times seem too good to be true. As with most of the other franchises listed here, Dominos offers a lot of variety and makes sure the vegetarian section isn’t left disappointed.

6. Lakme

This Indian cosmetics franchise is owned by Hindustan Unilever. It is named after the Indian goddess Lakshmi. Concerned that Indian women were exclusively using foreign brands, Jawaharlal Nehru requested JRD Tata to manufacture cosmetics in India and Lakme was born. Lakme Salon has 350+ outlets in more than 100 cities and boasts of high professional expertise that matches up to international standards. The beauty experts and stylists are trained extensively which results in an amazing experience for the women. They are known for their nominal service charges for the expert services they deliver. They have their own Franchise in India range of cosmetic products at each price range to solve common problems and to enhance beauty.

7. Raymond

Raymond has over 90 years of experience in men’s clothing and lifestyle needs. Their textile repertoire consists of everything from worsted fabric to tailored clothing to woolen wear to denim. It’s not just the range that is impressive. The quality is top-notch and to do that consistently in huge volumes and for so long requires dedication that places Raymond way above its peers. The Raymond Group also owns apparel brands like Park Avenue, Parx, and ColorPlus etc. When men think of getting their formals, they usually prefer Raymonds. They have a rich collection of wedding attires, be it suits or traditional wear. They are known to fit suits expertly and the material used by them are of the highest quality and hence they rightly make a person a ‘Complete Man’ and also have much Franchise India.

8. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook opened its operation in India in 1881 and is the largest integrated travel service company, offering a wide range of services under the roof, including Corporate travel, For Ex, Travel Insurance, Visa services etc. The franchise service extends to over 128 partners across 72 cities all over the country. The venture has been a huge success due to provide a one-stop shop solution and servicing their customers from the beginning to the end. As part of the franchise relationship, Thomas Cook also offers training to the franchisees on their services and products. They are known for their friendly and responsive service.

9. Eurokids

Eurokids is an educational franchise that focuses on pre-school education through innovative and creative learning techniques. The idea is to strike the perfect balance of academics and personal development. Eurokids has come up with learning initiatives like EuroGym, Euro music, and Learn2Play. They also provide distance education and online classes to women who want to pursue a career in early child care education. They also provide Franchise Opportunities in India

10. Naturals

It is very difficult to pass a long and wide street in the cities without finding a Naturals salon. Although they have the most number of branches in South India, they are rapidly expanding in the north. They have the best infrastructure for a beauty salon and provide Franchise Opportunities in India. You can always trust this brand to take care of services from head to toe with great care and expertise. It is a unisex salon which ensures a one stop salon for family. Different centres have different services, discounts and charges based on their establishment. It is best to get their membership card so you can get the best prices across all these establishments.

These Top 10 Franchise in India are sure to be found in the vicinities of all the major cities in India!

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