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Impact of office Interior Design on productivity

Office Interior Design
Office Interior Design

From the employee perspective, the office is considered as the second home since nine hours per day is spent in the office. The recent trend of office interior design is changing because of the idea of reducing the infrastructure cost and increasing the marketing cost. The work culture has changed because of the transformation of the computer into the desktop in the year 1980. The office environment is powerfully designed to attract the people. The office design has a great impact on the mood and the energy level of the employees. So, to improve the productivity it is important to focus on the interior design of the company. Some of the ideas to maintain good infrastructure is natural light and cool temperature, spacious cafeteria with good hygiene, proper space planning for the comfort of the employees, add some organic element like flowers to the office interiors, paint the wall with bright colors to keep the employees brisk and attentive. Let me discuss these ideas in detail.


Natural light makes us brisk and help to be focused on our job. Artificial light or poor lighting conditions tend to make us more stressed and sleepy. The scientific fact behind this is the cortisol levels increase under artificial or poor lighting conditions. This condition leads to fewer energy levels and poor concentration towards work. The temperature levels also influence a lot of our activity. Cool temperature helps to reduce the stress level and improve the productivity level. The Office Furniture Design and the lighting effects should be given first importance to improve the productivity and retain the positive energy in the Office Layout.


Spacious cafeteria with good hygiene is important to maintain a good health for the employees. Rather than having the old type of cafeteria it’s good to try new models like booths with bean bags or couches. Even toys or flowers in the cafeteria sustain the employee mood. Creating cheerful and relaxing mood is very important to restart the work with interest. Office Décor to decorate the wall and other places are the recent trend followed by many companies to keep their employees happy in the cafeteria. Good work culture with friendly environment definitely improves the productivity.


Though socialization is the important aspect to retain the employees for the long run it is important to create the gap in the space planning to give more weight to the work. Office Design Ideas with ample space between employees help to concentrate on the work. Every employee should think about the motivational aspect of the work and give his or her best to the company. The reception hall and every room in the Office Wall Design should be decorated with wall hanging which says about their business in a motivational manner. Wall Design improves motivation to the employees and also gives a good outlook to the clients or customers when they are visiting the office.


Research says that placing plants in the office reduces the tension by around 37 percent. Another study says that in the schools by planting trees the student performance improved. Bringing in nature and liveliness to the workplace gives the feeling of equality and positivity to the employees which work well with Office Design Ideas. Woods visible to the eyes also energize the employees. Floral decoration by the way of Rangoli design or inside the water or wall hangings or as a table decorator is a good choice. The contemporary Best Interior Designs with natural outlook works well for the modern offices.


Wall painting with formal colors which is pleasant to the eyes is important for the office environment. Office room Design with the good combination of colors promotes your brand and reputation also. Formal colors promote the official mood of the employees. Give importance to each and every celebration like festivals and birthday parties in the office which stands in the memory of the employees for very long time. Office Interior Design Ideas for every celebration should be captured in a photograph. These photos make the work-life happy which aids to increase the productivity of the employees. There are so many ideas for the Small Office Interior Design and Big Office Interior Design. Every management should allocate time and money to the interior design which helps to improve the productivity and functionality of the office.

Hope the information is very useful to decide on the office design. Keep following us for better Office Décor Ideas with affordable cost. Learn about the art and science of changing the interior of a building.

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