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Top 10 franchise in Chennai

Top 10 franchise in Chennai

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The French Loaf

When people look to pursue business, they either have to be entrepreneurs or have to take the operations of something existing. The franchise is a good means of indulging in the latter. Establishing franchise of good brand names guarantees profits from the very initial stages, unlike entrepreneurship which is quite uncertain. Setting up a franchise involves a lot of initial feasibility and market study. It has to be found that the chain store is relevant to the people surrounding, something which is useful and the location should be apt as well. Here is a list of Top 10 Franchise in Chennai that guarantees success



  1. EnglishLabs

Anything that remotely has to do with preparation in the English language can be handled by EnglishLabs. They provide training for all competitive examinations based on the language such as IELTS, TOEFL. Although EnglishLabs is known primarily for the skilful training of Spoken English, it also provides comprehensive courses on other languages like French and German. Founded in 2015, the institute offers advanced training for the English language for job seekers as well as students pursuing higher education. They have 3 levels of coaching: Beginner, intermediary and advanced. They provide a free material with both classroom and online training. They conduct mock tests every day for a thorough understanding of the concepts taught. They also help with the corporate training of communication skills based on the requirement. It usually includes client meetings, handling client calls, email etiquette, and other interactions. It is definitely one of the Best Franchise in Chennai and they work with few of the best corporates.

  1. The French Loaf

If dessert goes straight to the heart, The French Loaf sure knows how to keep the heart in place! This place is one of the most favourite patisserie and café for those who live in the cities in the South India. It provides a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies and is constantly evolving by introducing more desserts every now and then. ‘Pastry of the day’ is commonly known by most corporates, as they rush to get their favourite flavour on a respective day at low rates. Birthday cakes are one of their speciality, if informed in advance, they can bring in all sorts of designs, photos, colours and flavours. They provide attractive discounts during a certain time of the day and all this makes The French Loaf a hit with all the customers.

  1. Naturals

It is very difficult to pass a long and wide street in Chennai without finding a Naturals salon and if there are streets you know that do not contain a franchise, it’s better to grab that Franchise Opportunities in Chennai! Everyone trusts this brand to take care of grooming services from head to toe. It is a unisex salon in most establishments and some Naturals centres are little more expensive as they have more renowned and extremely skilled makeup artists. The service is great and for a reasonable price, they also provide membership cards to retain your loyalty in return for which they give a great number of discounts and offers. You can also check for the Spa in Chennai who provides the best results.

  1. Health & Glow

Health & Glow is a ubiquitous chain of all useful products one might want in the house which comes under the category of hygiene and beauty. Every time you walk into one of these stores, you are always welcomed by a set of assistants who ask you for your requirement and try their best to guide you make the right choice. It is a one-stop shop for many of these items as it houses all sorts of brands of various price ranges. Of course, one can never find any inferior brand in the store and it has a reputation for that. Any new product that is launched will always find its place in the store and customers generally rely on Health & Glow for that.

  1. Nilgiris Supermarket

Think old is gold? Nilgiris has been around since 1905! It is one of the brand names in South India that resonates with most people and Nilgiris stores are one of the most used landmarks. Being a supermarket, they sell all essential food, house hold items and other exotic products. They also have their own brand which predominantly sells grains, dairy, and baked products. Buying monthly grocery is never a problem when you have this store around you!

  1. Apollo Hospitals

The peak of service to humanity is medicine. From the birth to the death of the person, and for all the minor and major illnesses and mishaps, hospitals are inevitable in the current age. One of the most popular chains of hospitals is Apollo. They are quite on the higher side of the budget, but it is a complete value for money as the ambience, practitioners, medicines, system and procedures are all flawless and carefully planned out. It is never a bad thing to have one too many hospitals as there is a constant increase in the number of ailments with the increase in population and diseases. Apollo has a few centres in the city such that they are accessible from all the areas.

  1. Café Coffee Day

It is quite rare to travel around the city for ten minutes and not spot a CCD! This ubiquitous coffee shop is a treat for coffee lovers, and pretty much the whole of the city depends on coffee to wake up and get through the day! They provide varieties across the globe with extra toppings and keep it customizable and is Best Franchise in Chennai. They are also well known for the other beverages, desserts and of course the sandwiches. They offer free Wi-Fi, which means you can bring your laptop and work for a bit while sipping your coffee or even grab a book. They say ‘anything can happen over a coffee’ and this is why it is a great place to hang out with your friends and family as well.

  1. Westside

Westside has always been a cool place to shop and is as unisex as it can get. They have trendy clothes and it is a great place to pick up formal wear. This TATA enterprise is found all over the country and the collection you find in them are international brands. They roll out a lot of crazy and unbelievable discounts during sale seasons and for the quality of the clothes and accessories you can buy, it is surely a sweet deal. Westside has a great loyalty program which you can make use of and they also give away gift cards which mean you know what to present your choosy friends and family members!

  1. GKB Opticals

Almost a third of the people you see every day wear glasses. If not corrective glasses, they are reading glasses or coolers. A good place to purchase glasses and contact lens would be GKB Optical. They do free eye check-ups and the quality of the lens and frame they offer are certified to be one of the leading standards. The prices are nominal and the collection can be anywhere between formal to fashionable. They provide the Best Franchise Business in Chennai

  1. Subway

Eating healthy has never been this easy! Subway always has the freshest vegetables, meat and bread. They make their own bread in all the different varieties that people are really fond of and are mostly confused about what to choose! People are huge fans of all the sauces provided here as well. From subs to salads, you can choose what goes into your plate. They do have additional munchies that you can add to your all too healthy meal like beverages, cookies, or a chips packet on the side.

These are Top 10 Franchise in Chennai that is famous all about the city. Make sure you spot them during your commute around the city in case you haven’t!

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