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Top Marketing Trends In 2017

Top Marketing Trends In 2017

Marketing is communicating with the target audience and letting them know about the products and services we offer. It can be in any form or platform. It is a complex task of finding unique and interesting ways to entice customers. The Top Marketing Trends in 2017 will guide marketers to engage consumers in a more direct way. These trends are successful because it targets the fundamental aspects of human nature.



Content marketing is something that is being given utmost importance in recent times by many companies. They have realized the importance of content and the power of it as what it can do and bring for the company from different platforms. Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique to make and distribute meaningful information to attract the concerned target audience. Content marketing is basically not a paid form of transaction. Content marketing is the best ongoing process that gets combined with an overall marketing strategy. Content marketing can be kept as the center point for any marketing plan. This type of marketing applies well for all brands. This is because each one uses it uniquely or differently. The main of content marketing should be to stay focus with the brand and its product. When content marketing becomes interesting and unique it is sure to capture the attention of target audience. Content is also marketed through the method of Social Media Marketing.


Chatbots are a big influencer that enhances real time, 24 hour engagement with the customers. The rapid advancement in the field of artificial intelligence and programming have made answering customer queries much easier. Chatbots are much trustable because they work on data as to how the human brain works. These play the role of a 24-hour sales associate who can be reached at any moment. The best example of a Chatbot is Apple’s Siri which uses the latest technology to make mobile phone usage more effortless and interactive.


Marketing automation is a growing trend. About 71 percent of companies use this technology at the current time. It acts exactly as per its name. It makes processes easier and automatic. It uses software platforms to induce recurring tasks on to autopilot. The tool kit for marketing automation involves email marketing, social media marketing, SMS and digital advertisements. Apps like Hubspot and Marketo are affordable and attractive to any marketer. Many successful and leading marketers have agreed that marketing automation plays a very vital role in the on-whole success of their marketing across different platforms. It is necessary to provide facilities that are more user-friendly for any customers.


The number of advertisements that are being thrown at customers daily is really a lot. People are being resistant towards the overload of information on them through advertisements. Today’s consumers are clever enough to identify obvious marketing pitches and strategies that are executed. They will be instantly out of interest due to such cliché methods. Individually targeting consumers can be more effective than any other methods. It can give a breakthrough and achieve the required results better than the previously mentioned methods. An ideal marketing content should make the customers relate with it on individual preference basis. In order to grab the attention of the consumers, marketers should approach them with such relevant and personalized content. The success lies in creating marketing strategies that produce what the customers are looking for. To create strategies that make them purchase the services, marketers should be able to track the preferences, habits, interests and browsing histories.


Native marketing is a type of marketing that happily welcomed and followed by many marketers. Due to its organic fit, many marketers prefer this paid form of marketing. Native marketing doesn’t act as an obstacle to the user experience. And this stops users from differentiating between what is paid and what is part of the site. The content is usually aimed at a specific audience. It is one of the best platforms to launch a marketing campaign. Many Advertising Companies adopt this technique. Marketing through online become the present trend and you also have good classes who teach you Digital Marketing Course in Chennai 


Influencer marketing is highly trending in the industry. Influencers are one of the most effective ways to reach clients. When it comes to social media, this is very much true. Influencer marketing provides brands with opportunities to create a word of mouth trend through personalities whom clients and consumers are already familiar with. These personalities provide a lot of possibilities for any marketer to make a path for their power.

If an industry has to be highly adaptive then, the marketing industry is one among it. When there are a lot of platform based trends that occur, the changes with E-commerce are always easily noticeable. The more trends occur the better the industry becomes in regards to service providing.

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