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Top 10 Pet Shops in Chennai

You may have a dream of having pets from your childhood days. But when you asked for it, your parents would have denied saying that their daily difficult task was managing you. This has been a major story in many houses. Having a furry friend surely improves your quality of life. It does not only give you unconditional love but it helps you reduce your stress, depression, pressure, anxiety and unknowingly it improves your health. Therefore the pet owners will have emotional and physical benefits. You can never feel the loneliness. It always comes around you and waits for you. Now we can see the list of Top 10 Pet Shops in Chennai who gives you good playful and friendly pets for you to have a companion and playmate.

Top 10 Pet Shops in Chennai

1. Tamed Pets
Tamed pets’ main motive is to provide healthy pets with professional knowledge. Generating a feel of belongingness among all the people about pets is their ultimate goal. You can find a great place for selecting your pets and their products at reasonable rates. You can never get disappointment in finding your pets at Tamed pets shop. There are varieties of Pet Shops in Chennai and this is one of the best shops that give you better services. It is the only exotic shop for pets in Chennai. The Kabali movie shooting had taken part in Tamed pets. Their pet services include live pets, toys & accessories, pet housing, pet books, and training. They are available on all days except Monday between 10 am – 10 pm.
Tamed Pets Address:
9B, Tharamani Rd, LIC Colony,
Velachery, Chennai- 600042
Phone: 090927 72233

2. Lovely Pet Shop
Lovely pet shop is one of the well-established pet shops located in Chennai. They usually provide high qualified accessories and products for all kinds of pets such as cats, dogs, fish, birds, etc. There is a wide range of Pets for Sale in Chennai. Therefore you can choose according to your wish and requirements. Lovely pet shop has varieties of pet products such as colorful decorative collars, durable and tough collars in nylon and leashes, jeweled leashes and collars for your cats and dog friends, healthy snacks and meals which is mouth watering for them and quality grooming facilities. They also have healthcare products such as gleaming teeth, glossy fur, sparkly, and fashion items which add memorable & special moments to your buddy’s life. They work on all days between 9 am – 10 pm but Sundays they work on different timings between 9 am – 8 pm.
Lovely Pet Shop Address:
No 56, Sathasivam Nagar,
Bazaar Main Road, Madipakkam,
Chennai- 600091
Phone: 044 4358 1438

3. OMR Classic Pet Shop
OMR classic pet Shop consists of many kinds of pets such as birds, fish, dogs, cats, rabbit, white mouse, etc. They are more specialized in providing different varieties of dog breeds and fishes. OMR classic pet shop offers the best customer service with reasonable rates. They are available on all days from 9 am – 9 pm and have different timings on Sundays from 10 am – 8.30 pm. They are considered to be one of the popular shops providing Dogs for Sale in Chennai.
OMR Classic Pet Shop Address:
15/12, 1st Main Rd, Ramappa Nagar,
Veera Vanchinathan Nagar, Perungudi,
Chennai- 600096
Phone: 044 4287 6426

4. Adyar Pet Shop
Adyar pet shop is a pretty decent place for selecting your pet buddy with limited options and you can select which is suitable for you. It is a small and compact store with a dignified range of pet accessories and foods. Adyar pet shop is the best for buying food for your pet friends and they always offer you the quality products such as grooming tools, bone & chew stick, homes & cages, leash, chains, & collars, bowls, snacks, and toys. They work on all days from 10 am to 9 pm and on Sundays between 10 am – 1.30 pm. Having pets will definitely improves your health. You can also check out for the best Dieticians in Chennai.
Adyar Pet Shop Address:
shop no: 40, Basement,
Door No. 2, Gokul Arcade,
Sardar Patel Road,
Adyar, Chennai- 600020
Phone: 044 2440 1790

5. Lucky Pet World
Lucky Pet World provides a wide range of highly competitive price for pet foods and supplies. They offer complete & wonderful training for pets. Lucky Pet World provides the best services for pet adoption, pet shelter, and pet grooming. They are one of the popularly known pet shops offering Puppies for Sale in Chennai because they have pretty broad varieties of puppy breeds, pet accessories, pet foods, and pet products. They usually have products with good quality and branded ones. Lucky pet world is available on all days between 9 am – 9.30 pm. They have two branches in Chennai. Their main outlet is at Velachery.
Lucky Pet World Address:
No. 21 Near Dhandeeswaram Sakaya Madha Church,
Dandeeshwaram Main Road, Velachery,
Chennai- 600042
Phone: 044 2243 4489

6. Amazing Pet Shop
Amazing pet shop is located in East Tambaram. It is the compact shop for supplying dog and puppy varieties which is for buying, selling and training purposes. This shop is one of the well-developing pet shops in Chennai. They are greatly welcomed by their customers because of the trust they’ve earned in the past years. The best quality puppies and products are available at their pet shop. They also guide you in feeding methods & training. They work on all days between 10 am – 10 pm.
Amazing Pet Shop Address:
No-369/100, Bharatha Matha Street,
East Tambaram, Tambaram,
Chennai- 600059
Phone: 044 4557 2761

7. A2Z Birds Farm
A2Z birds farm is a specialized shop offering Birds for Sale in Chennai. Cuttlebone, breeding nest box, mineral stone, breeding cages, birds food, feeder box, bird toys, and hamster bedding. They have different varieties of African love birds, cockatiel, finches, java sparrow, canary, show love birds, conure, African grey parrots, pigeons, red rump parakeets. A2Z birds farm provide you the quality products such as birds cage, nest box, food feeder box, birds food. They work for five days from Monday to Friday between 9 am – 12 pm, 3.30 pm – 8 pm except on Saturdays and Sundays.
A2Z Birds Farm Address:
Opposite to Mathura Corporate Office,
Five Furlong Roadd,
Maduvinkarai, Guindy,
Chennai- 600045
Phone: 098406 88278

8. G.V Kennel Pet Shop
G.V Kennel pet shop offers varieties of puppies and dogs at a reasonable price with the best quality and you can easily get attracted and find your pet friends. If you want a companion for your children to enjoy and play with them, you can go for small pets. You can surprise your kids by offering them beautiful and cute animals. They have the magnificent pets all around Chennai. G.V. Kennel also provides varieties of birds, you can walk into their shop to feed your eyes by watching beautiful & colorful birds. They also have dog spa, pet clinic, pet training, pet consulting, pet boarding & day care center, pet selling, and vet doctor.
G.V Kennel Pet Shop Address:
No.15/150, Raghavan east near reliance fresh,
11th Avenue, Chennai- 600083
Phone: 097102 65392

9. AA Pet Shop
AA pet shop sells various kinds of pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and rabbits. They also provide pet accessories and branded food products for pets. It is considered to be the one-stop place for all types of pets and their requirements. If you wish to have a new pet which they don’t have, they can even help you with that. They are available on all days and their work timings are 9.30 am – 8.30 pm.
AA Pet Shop Address:
8/1, Durgabai Deshmukh Road,
R.A. Puram, Chennai- 600028
Phone: 095511 00440

10. Divya Aquarium and Pet Shop
Divya aquarium and pet shop provide broad varieties of ornamental colorful fish, exotic puppies, and domestic birds. They sell the best quality food products for dogs, cats, fishes, and birds. This pet shop has experienced professionals and provides the best services such as setting & cleaning fish tanks, grooming & spa for dogs, dog trick removing, dog bathing according to your requirements. They also provide vaccination service which is done by the vet doctor. Their work timings are 9.30 am – 9 pm from Sunday to Saturday.
Divya Aquarium and Pet Shop Address:
No. 82A, Mount Medavakkam Road,
Keelkattalai, Chennai- 600117
Phone: 097907 05555

Enjoy buying your favorite pet buddy and have a beautiful life with it. Check out for more updates from various fields, do follow Business Today.

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