Things To Do When You Get Fired From Work

Things To Do When You Get Fired From Work

One of the best quotes by Karen Salmansohn,

“Dumped? Fired? Scorned? Humiliated? If so, I’ve got great news! You might be on your way to living your best life ever – if you consciously choose to channel this pain into fuel – and use it to motivate yourself to become your highest potential self!”

Getting fired from work is one of the worst nightmares. Sometimes it is your fault and sometimes it isn’t. But the reality is you have been fired. Everything that comes has a positive and a negative side. Sometimes the positive part is more than the negative part and sometimes vice versa. So is this situation. It is indeed a stressful one but your motivation and positivity can help you fight through it.

To make things simpler we present, “Things to do when you get fired from work”

  1. RELAX

It is very difficult to be calm and patient at this stage of life. But if you panic or overreact, you shall make things more difficult for you. Firstly just relax, try to control your emotions and when you are fit mentally, take the next step. You would agree that at such times all eyes are on you. Others are more interested in knowing what you will do next rather than knowing what they should do. Your just one wrong step can make you a gossip buzz or shall worsen the situation for you. So just sit back and relax. Give this situation some time and don’t overthink. It’s just a bad phase that shall pass in some time.


The reason why this is being emphasized is that this is the most important point to remember. And at such times people generally forget this.  Much before you think about the implications of you being extra emotional on others, think how it shall impact you. This news shall be equally shocking to your colleagues, friends, and family. Although future is quite uncertain but being confident, positive and not losing hope shall give you the power to cope with this situation.


You would not have realized but your performance might have deteriorated or there might be some specific thing that your company is not liking about you. They might not like that you are being late for work, or that you aren’t able to meet your targets, or your behavior is unprofessional. It can be any reason and it is very important for you to know that reason. Talk to the Human Resource (HR) Department and the supervisor of your office. Try to know the exact reason and work on it. If it is your mistake behind termination, don’t take things on your ego or self –respect. Instead, acknowledge it, and try to negotiate with the HR department for giving you a chance.


Usually, when a company terminates its employees they inform them in advance so that they can look for a new job. But this may not happen and they might suddenly give you a termination letter. You should check your contract details and see if there is a clause mentioning about a grace period before termination. If such clause exists, you should claim for extra time. If such a clause is not mentioned and there isn’t any such contract between you and your company, you should request and ask for an extra period. This will help you to find a new job meanwhile.


If you were eligible for a grace period as per the terms of the contract between you and your company, you can file a legal case. An employment contract between an employer and employee is very specific to each employee. So before taking any legal actions read and understand your employment contract properly. Companies even provide unemployment benefits to their employees as per the terms of the contract. If the termination has been unlawful you can choose to go for a legal proceeding. Generally, it is advisable not to take such steps because your career comes at stake. Additionally, it becomes very difficult to cope up with the situation as legal proceedings take a while to settle down.


Getting a job through reference is very easy. Ask your friends, family, and relatives to refer you to their companies. Check for your friends who are in the Human Resource department in their companies, they have a lot of job references. Additionally look over your alumni network. Set meetings with them. You never know who can help you out at this hour of need. If you are comfortable post it on a social media you are active on.


Generally, when employees leave their previous companies after being terminated, they are quite abusive, rude and show a lot of anger. While such emotions are most genuine but you have to control them. It can be awkward for you as well as for your colleagues. You have already lost the job, and this behavior of yours shall not only make you lose your friends but also the respect and love you get from others. If you were not wrong, sooner or later people will come to know. The last bye should be a good one, not a bad one.


Online job sites are one of the quickest and easiest ways of getting jobs with immediate joining requirement. All you have to do this is register on such sites, prepare your profile, give the information required and upload your resume and photo. You should try to keep a follow-up and check these websites on a daily basis.


This is one thing you should definitely do. After a termination, there will be a money crunch and you have to face it. You don’t know how long you would be unemployed. So have a look at your savings and spend only on necessary items. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditures and don’t buy things until they are a priority. You may also like to read Plan for the next 5 years 


During all this period of crisis, don’t forget to enjoy. You always wanted a break from work, right? You have it now. Do things that you love doing. If you have a hobby like singing, dancing, cooking, reading books or anything do it. It will not only keep you involved but will even be a stress buster. Meet your old friends, spend some time with family. Clean your home and closet. Or just watch a good movie. This time is all yours, do the most out of it.


Now that you have to look for a new job, you should rebuild your resume. Your resume should consist of your job role, experience, and projects that you have handled in the previous organization(s). There is no need of mentioning in your resume and cover letter that you were terminated.The reason behind this is most companies do their screening rounds through resumes. If you mention this negative point, there are very low chances that you would qualify for the interview round.


If during the interview they ask you about your previous job, don’t lie. This is because companies generally do a background check and if you get caught you will lose the opportunity. Instead, take time and prepare for this question. The answer should be reasonable and valid. This question shall be the trickiest as well as the most important one. Prepare well for it. Well, there are people who take chances and do not reveal that they were terminated and at times even companies don’t find about it. Take your decision and decide what is best for you in the given situation.

Generally, you should be honest if you are able to justify the reason for your termination.


Things have not been good for you and you have faced a lot of difficult situations during this time. But don’t lose faith. It’s a bad phase that shall pass. Be confident and trust yourself. There’s always a way out. Focus on your positive points, your skills, knowledge, and experience and try to forget about the negatives. But learn from your past mistakes so that you can evolve.

Hope this article was useful for you and we were able to help you in some way. Please give your feedback in the comment section.

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