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How to plan for the next 5 years

How to plan for the next 5 years

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt lost or when you questioned the reason for your existence or you didn’t know what was your next step in life? Everyone goes through this period of feeling low at one point or the other in life either because of a broken relationship or a bad boss or a failed venture that you were so passionate about. If we were to dig into the root cause of our problems, we would unearth the truth of how we fail to juggle efficiently the multiple challenges the world presents to us, in our ‘LIFE’. Now that we know the Source of our problem, the solution is pretty simple – “Planning”. Simple, yet one of the most powerful virtues that will help you reach greater heights in life. Dig through, to embark on a journey towards success. So here is few points to note for your five year plan and goal setting.

  1. Self-Introspect to prioritise your goals

Do not under-estimate the value of Self-Introspection. Take some time off for yourself to prioritise your goals in life. First,  you need to understand, you cannot have everything, in life. To achieve one goal, you have to compromise on something else that is important to you. But when you prioritise, make sure one goal does not contradict with each other.

  1. Plan, execute, track and review

The most vital step is planning. Often we plan our vacation more precisely, than what we plan our day to day life. Have a daily goal or at least a weekly goal. Stick to your plan of action and try keeping up with your goal. But this will work, only if you are going to set realistic goals. Set difficult yet achievable goals so that when you track yourself, you will feel motivated rather than being disappointed or losing hope. Review your weekly progress and make the required changes, so that you can achieve better results in your life.

  1. Exercise regularly

Even though you are at liberty to choose, whether you want to put working out on your priorities list or not, you would not realise how well spent your time is when you hit the gym. Exercise can be in any form, either crashing the gym, going for a run, playing your favourite game, etc. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also keeps you in shape while giving a clear mind to think. The endorphin rush, at the end of every workout, is so refreshing and creates a craving once you start exercising regularly.

  1. Meditate

In such a busy and noisy life, we often lose track of our goals. Even though you may be very busy to catch up on time, to meditate every day, you can try allotting a time to meditate, once every week. Meditating lets your mind free of the worldly inhibitions and helps reduce stress. Contrary to popular belief, meditation does not require a long time and the technique can be very easily learned.

  1. You manifest what You Believe in

Great things take time, have patience. However, Well begun is half done. Do not expect, immediate results and lose hope. Plan, Practice what you believe in and be Patient and you are sure to reach higher than what you aim for, in your life.

So, When are you going to start your 5 year plan?

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