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Top 10 schools in Chennai

I am sure we all agree that education is the best of achieving success and fulfillment in life. This is a dangerous era to be ignorant in. With all the sophisticated development every day, one must not just have the fundamentals. It is essential to delve deeper, ask questions, be passionate and strive for success. To ensure that you’re among the fittest of all survivors of this era, you must invest in a good education for yourself and the future generation. Always choose the best schools in Chennai for your children that would be among the best places for a complete education. There are number of schools in Chennai, to make your work easier we have listed the Top 10 schools in Chennai have a look on it.

Top 10 schools in Chennai

1.Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan
Established in 1958 with no particular hopes of expansion, PSBB has come to be one of the most demanded schools in Chennai and it is trusted to be one of the best schools in Chennai. It would be a near impossible task to get your child admitted in the middle or high school. It is affiliated to CBSE and the education provided by the faculty is known to be the best of its kind in the city. There are branches all over the city and all the campuses are really spacious with opportunities of extracurricular activities.

This school was established in 1970 as a boys school, it later on gained popularity and now there are girls school as well as co-ed schools all around the city. They have both CBSE and Matriculation syllabus. It is one of the schools that every parent would want to put their child in because it is a very result producing school which gives utmost priority to manners and discipline. Apart from education, the student can enjoy extracurricular activities as well.

3.The school
If innovation and uniqueness get your attention, The School will surely turn your head. It was established in 1973 by J Krishnamurti who has spent a great deal of time in researching what would be the best way of education for the future generation. The primary syllabus is ICSE till 8th grade after which it has the CICSE syllabus. The education system has truly shown a radical change here and this school will make all the creative juices flow!

Being a CBSE school that promotes holistic education, NPS creates NPSians out of students who are synonyms of discipline, confidence, and intellect. The school is known for its training and revision practices. Extra-curricular activities are always encouraged and competitions are held to hone these skills. The school is known for its difficult entrance examination, so do ensure proper preparation.

This is another school offering CISCE and ICSE syllabus which is managed by KIT Thomas educational society. It was established in 1972 and has been a co-ed school with the motto of providing competence to the students and it is one of the top schools in Chennai. All the attributes of education, sports, health, teamwork, etc. are given importance in this school.

6.Vidya Mandir
One of the students favorite schools is Vidya Mandir. Here, students get to meet interesting peers to make lifelong bonds with them. Teachers are known to be very friendly as well. Similar to PSBB, this school was an initiative of a ladies club as well. This school gives sue importance to the development of hobbies for which they have really interesting clubs like the katha club, dramatics club, environment club and so on. If your kid is interested in learning new things often, you can have a look on German language classes in Chennai

7.Chettinad Vidyashram
Dr. Meena Muthiah established Chettinad Vidyashram in 1986 and is truly one of the best schools in Chennai. The school is affiliated to CBSE and it has about 10000 students and 800 faculties. If your child has a lot of artistic talent or skills in sports, this is the right place to be. The school provides an excellent platform to showcase talents, improve on them and even make careers out of it.

8.PSBB Millennium
This is a recently developed school, an offspring from the PSBB school to cater to the progressive millennials. It was founded by Msr. Y G Parthasarathy, a renowned educationalist who has also founded schools like the Calibre academy. The school branches are known for their huge campuses, modern students, and competent teachers. They also concentrate on developing the overall motor skills of the students with extra-curricular activities.

9.SBOA school and junior college
SBOA school was established in 1979 and is located in Anna Nagar. Being one of the well-established schools in terms of reputation, they have a great population of students from kindergarten to class 12. They are trusted as top school in Chennai. They offer a hostel facility for boys and this helps them in extra study hours in the evening, over the weekends and sometimes over the night before exams. They also conduct special classes during the summer vacation.

10. P S Senior Secondary
A CBSE school which provides affordable education in a spacious campus is always a good option to consider. P S Senior always strives to provide the students any opportunity that they can utilize to shine. Started in 1976, P S Senior has kept track of the developments in the educational system and as adapted to provide a comprehensive education.

Go ahead and explore these schools and see which ones suit you in terms of location, fee structure, and opportunities. All these best schools in Chennai do have a central focus be it academics, discipline, sports or cultural arts. It is always wise to pick one based on the interests of the student.

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