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Top 10 Old age homes in Chennai

Top 10 Old age homes in Chennai

‘The hardest part of Growing Up is realising that your parents are Growing Old’.

It saddens me to see the number of old age homes getting higher. In this modern world, the young ones are busy running around their own life and they have no time to pay attention to their parents. Some have family issues while the others are working overseas.

Now, not to worry!

It is recognised that the senior citizens at the old age home are much happier and stress-free than the people staying at home with their children. Let us check out the Top 10 Old Age Homes in Chennai.

  1. Anandam Old Age Home

The Best Old Age Homes Chennai Anandam Home originated in around 1995 and still continue to provide enormous care, food, shelter and medical assistance for free. These residents have no children and no source of income. There are 101 senior citizens comprising 73 women and 28 men. There are people in the age group varying from 60 to 90. They make friends very well and are also into spirituality. They have a few donation schemes for those willing to contribute with which their service will grow to great heights.

Anandam Address:
No.2, Sarangapani Street,
Chennai – 600 053.
Tel :+91 98418 19889 / + 91 98410 01925

  1. Udavum Karangal (Senior citizens)

One big initiative by Mr Vidyaakar years before has made a huge difference to many. He is well educated and also won a lot of awards in the field of social service. The founder himself managed a one man army and served people who had no one. Later a few of those people became volunteers and there it all began to grow big. They have a lot of donation schemes, where outsiders can help them through service, money or food and they are trusted as the best Old Age Homes in Chennai. They have children, Senior citizens, special people and also a separate rehabilitation cabin. Some of the volunteers now were once patients there.

Udavum Karangal Address:
#460, N.S.K. Nagar,
Chennai – 600106
Phone: +91-44-2621 6321, 2621 6421

    3. Brindavanam Old Age Home

Brindavanam oldage homeBrindavanam old age home feels like a home away from home and it is considered to be one of the best registered charitable trusts which was established in the year 2011. It’s main objective is to take care of the elders and make them feel comfortable like their home. Brindavanam old age home offers an excellent nature life as well as modern life. It is built with a combination of farm house and city home on affordable cost. This home consists of 15 rooms that are furnished with beds, bed covers, TV, rubber mattresses, curtains, telephone, wifi facilities. Each and every room comprises of attached restroom with geyser. The room consists of ceiling fan, balcony, plentiful ventilation and natural light. The home consists of two floors and the basement is connected with staircase, lift and ramp as well. They have a water boosting system to serve for the summer water shortage. The home has a beautiful lawn at the entrance. It is managed by an expert and supported by several staffs for systematic running.

Brindavanam Old Age Home Address:
No. 114, 13th Street,
Krishna Nagar,
Chennai- 600095,
Phone: 094447 77925

  1. Sea Breeze Old Age Home

A funded and a well-established home in town. They have three structures for you – Trial stay, Short stay and Lifetime. The trial one is a day stay where the resident will get to know about the services and comforts. The short stay is in case you are out of town for a while and there is no one to take care of your loved ones. The lifetime is the last option where you are unable to accomplish your duties with your senior, which is when you realise Sea Breeze is a great home awaiting their company.

Sea Breeze Address:
MRG Nagar 1st Cross St,
MRG Nagar, Saraswathi Nagar,
Muttukkaranchavadi, Thoraipakkam,
Chennai- 600097
Phone: 090032 20124

  1. Kakkum Karangal

One of the well-known homes in Chennai. The remarkable home arose in the year 1992 by Mr P Gnanaraj, Founder of Kaakkum Karangal showing love to countless people till date. They extend their care to children, teens and old age folks who have no one. In the home, they perform meditation, yoga and also basic exercises. They celebrate all festivals in their own way and are a huge joyful family together. With help and contributions from generous people, they would lend their hands to care for much more.

Kakkum Karangal Address:
No.89, Santhome High Road,
Santhome, Chennai – 600 028.
Phone: + 91 44 2461 7754
Mobile: + 91 98400 68800

  1. G S Senior Citizens Home

This home is a paid facility where all residents must have a guardian. This was initiated in the year 1997 and are the Best Old Age Homes in Chennai.The guardians would be paying for all the expenses of the residents. The place is very clean and comfortable for all residents. They provide healthy vegetarian food. They have a 24*7 medication service. Kindly contact St, Girija Subash for more details

G S Senior Citizens Home Address:
old No 18, new no 34,
Mylai Ranganathan Street,
T Nagar, Chennai – 600017
Near Natesan Park
Phone: +(91)-9840290044

  1. Maria’s Old Age Home

This home was originated by Madam Maria as a non-profitable organisation and still continues to do so. The citizens staying there not only have physical assistance but also mental support which makes them the Best Old Age Homes in Chennai. They provide food and medical facilities with the amount contributed through donations from liberal people. All residents are devotional and worship God every day.

Maria’s Old Age Home Address:
5/8B, Street,
Parthasarthy Lane,
Chennai – 600016
Phone: 098405 77474

  1. Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust

Sri Poorna home is financed by their own trust Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust. They provide their diet for free and also all necessary medical amenities. They have exceptional festive food and wear new clothes for all festivals. They admit people who are only above the age of 60 (senior citizens) and it is the best Old Age Homes Chennai. All residents become one family and spread love among themselves. The home provides doctors’ visit at regular intervals. They also have an all-time nurse to manage their medication. Within this home, there is another paid residence named Shanthi Nivas. Residents, who afford to pay, can stay here with a few additional benefits.

Sri Poorna Address:
1, Sankara Salai,
Subam Nagar, Old Pallavaram,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117
Phone: 044 2247 2483

  1. Sri Padmavathi Amma Aged Home

This is a well maintained paid aged home. The Youngs, who are working abroad have no time and energy to take care of their aged parents but have abundant money. This home accepts money from them and gives much more fondness and warmth to them than their own family. They also provide Medical service for free, which is sponsored by Sri Padmavathi Amma Trust. Among the total residents, the majority are women. They have a separate place to meditate and live a stress-free life and is one of the Best Old Age Homes in Chennai.

Sri Padmavathi Amma Address:
#3, Poongavanammal Avenue,
North Raghu Natha Puram Main Road,
Mangadu, Chennai -600122
Phone Cell :  +91 9282234541, +91-44- 65129170

  1. Saicharan Old Age Home

This is one place where the seniors get new friends, the home gets more volunteers and many get a new family. They have a scheduled regular check-up for all and also 24*7 nursing services. They have western toilets and also Air conditioned rooms. The support staff is extremely caring and loving towards all the residents in the home. The reviews are good and well recommended for fun-loving senior citizens. Join them at the below location.

Saicharan Address:
64, 2nd Main Road,
VGP Layout – III,
Palavakkam, Chennai 600041
Phone: 098400 64243

Special Mention

  1. Rishi Alayam

Rishi Alayam is a part of Mahathma group of homes. Offers with modern facilities like AC, TV, CCTV and also running water 24*7. Rajan Ganeshnan is the chairman and a proud holder of the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Award for their excellent services. They also accept disabled citizens and provide them complete treatment. The contributions are done through Mahathma Social, Education and Charitable Trust. Kindly contact their General Manager Dr Sridevi Nandagopal for more details.

Rishi alayam Address:
A-69 6th Street,
Periyar Nagar,
Chennai – 600 082.
Tel : 9940579719 / 9444067180

Hope this article on Top 10 Old Age Homes in Chennai was useful to you. For more Reviews on the different field keep following Business Review Today.

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