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10 Effective Ways to Beat Stress

how to beat stress

When it comes to stress, tailor your remedy!

With a plethora of advice available online to beat stress, how come the world is still bubbling with ceaseless restlessness? Like us, stress has evolved to torment us in different ways. For instance, when the social networking culture cropped up, it came with social goals and the associated stress in meeting them. It’s important to realize that different sources of stress can be handled effectively by different means. Here’s a list of stress busters categorized based on what it best works for.

Identity crises, break-ups and other personal trauma

  1. Phone a friend

If it doesn’t make you a Millionaire, it can at least cool your steam. When you begin to have a conversation about things that bother you, one of three things can happen. You might be surprised that your friends go through the similar situations and you can scheme a way out of it together. Better still, they may have fought it already and can give you tried and tested solutions. In the least, you have a trusted someone’s attention on your problem, a vent and a source of reassurance.

  1. Spill it all out

If you are your own best friend, maintain a journal. Start off being a pessimist and curse your problems with invectives and slowly progress into memories of things you like and miss. End it with a tone of optimistic hopefulness for the future and gratitude for all that you have. Revisit your journal to track the direction of your progress.

  1. Let’s solve some crosswords

How did you occupy yourself as a child? A chessboard, a guitar or perhaps a book? No matter the nature of hobby, it makes you less susceptible to fatigue and lowers your blood pressure and depression level. The best part is that it keeps you completely engaged and leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. Dust that scrabble board, pull out your paintbrush or put on your swimming trunks and you might even rediscover your hidden talents.

  1. Hinge to binge

If and only if all else fails, binge. Not on food or alcohol, but on sitcoms or brain numbing games. Anything that has your full attention should work. With a few days of distraction and careful ensurance that it doesn’t turn into an addiction, come back with an open mind to brace the world in all its magnificence. (Why food or alcohol is not recommended is because bingeing can lead to irreversible addiction and damage)

Solvable problems

  1. Organise

No matter how huge and laborious solutions may be, leaving the problem unsolved will be your ticket to eternal stress. Begin by brainstorming solutions to your problems and choose the best in terms of effort, resources and time. Frame a time-table around it and give it high priority till it’s dealt with. While this may entail a lot of discipline, the result is beyond rewarding.

  1. Delegate

Too many eggs in your basket in dire situations surely show what you are capable of handling. But if you are reading this, it means you are stressed and you have to start distributing your eggs. Learn to find your limit and say no once you reach a threshold. This will ensure that you have time to breathe.

Professional, social and household stress that you can never run away from

  1. Stay ‘tuned’

It’s time to refresh your playlist. With YouTube and Spotify out there, all you have to do is just type ‘Stress-relief music’ to get a hundred search results. It is important to know that music affects different people in different ways. There are people who de-stress by listening to calming sounds of nature or a poignant symphony and there are those who rock out to heavy metal or zone out with progressive music. Explore genres and choose what brings out your maximum energy level.

  1. Get yourself pressed

Getting your body pressed and prodded reduces cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. Anything small from a foot rub or a scalp massage to a sauna or Swedish massage can not only relieve stress but also improves headaches, joint-pains and sleep disorders. A few minutes of aromatherapy can keep you crawling back for more!

  1. Tie your shoelaces, it’s time to jog

We all know a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, right? Even a 5-minute walk persuades your brain to release feel-good chemicals. If you add some stretches, jogs and yoga to it, you can beat your stress as well as get into shape. Keeping a fitness routine doesn’t mean a fixed gym-time. It could be anything from taking the stairs to practicing Zumba dance. Bonus points if you follow your high-energy workouts with calming meditation.

  1. Pack your bags

Studies have shown time and again that travelling is a good way to reduce stress. Vacations, weekend getaways or even a 2-hour break to a recreational park gives you fresh air and freedom. It has the ability to improve heart, sleep and performance at work. Beware of poorly planned vacation as it might add to your stress!

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