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How to Apply for Solar Power Plant and Solar Water Heater System in Haryana

How to Apply for Solar Power Plant and Solar Water Heater System in Haryana

Solar energy, which means utilizing the energy received from the sun is very important and crucial because the sun is a sustainable or a renewable source of energy that can be used effectively to power and provide light to homes and businesses efficiently around the globe. In a city like Haryana where Fossil fuels are very finite, it’s necessary that some other form of energy sources should be embraced and its definite to have the solar power plant in Haryana. Solar energy is a potential and a non-risking solution to the environmental problems and daily hazards that are being caused by fossil fuels. Having solar power plant and solar water heater should have the following criteria.
Eligibility criteria to have the solar power plant in Haryana:
• Individuals, an organization or a non-domestic sector is eligible to apply
• For the construction of a rooftop power plant, large wide area space is required.
Solar domestic Water Heater:
Solar water heaters which are also called solar domestic hot water systems are effective and efficient to generate hot water for your home at a very low and cheap price. The main advantage of such a system is, it can be used in any climate under any weather condition and the fuel which they use is a renewable energy and sunshine which is costs nothing. Solar heater systems have storage tanks to store and solar collectors. There are two varieties of solar water heater systems one is active, which consist of circulating pumps and controls and the other one is passive which don’t consist of such pumps. To apply Solar water heater and solar power plant in Haryana, you need new documents soft copy and they are as follows
Required documents while applying online:
Each of the following documents has to be submitted as a soft copy, with a minimal quantity of two
• Attachment of bills
• Bank details
• BIS certification
• Joint commissioning report of the system
• System Photo
Solar Roof Top Power Plant:
Electricity which is generated through coal plants has been becoming expensive with each passing day. Power cuts are one of the issues and increasing dependence on DG sets is causing a lot of danger and damage to the environment. The demand and supply gap for early consumption of electricity is increasing hazardously in the country which makes it very important and crucial for people to start thinking of better and efficient ways of realizing their energy needs and sustainability. A basic or a normal PV cell produces a very limited and small amount of generated electricity and when a large number of them are connected, they are used to form a Solar PV module which can approximately generate 10W to 900W output. If more output electricity is required then one solution is multiple such PV modules have to be installed and worked out in an array. Different kinds of materials/instruments are used to create a solar cell. The efficiency of a solar working cell is defined explicitly as its capability to convert a certain amount of sunlight into electricity.
The overall efficiency of the system which is to be installed will also depend on the type of battery/batteries and inverter installed in the system. Following steps tells you the way to apply Solar water heater and solar power plant in Haryana

To register solar power plant or solar water heater:
1. Click on the link where you need to register.
2. Enter your personal information such as name, address, username and your password.
3. Enter your valid mobile number and click on submit.
4. The page redirects you for confirmation wherein an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number.
5. Verify and click submit.
6. Now you are successfully registered.
7. Now login into the page using your credentials such as username and password.
8. Click on either “Solar Plant” or “Domestic water heater”.
9. Now submit your details and keep a valid ID card scanned for uploading.
10. Next click submit.

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