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Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore

Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore
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English Junction

Even though English-medium schools are ubiquitous, most of us tend to speak in our mother tongue or regional language not only at home but also at educational institutions. This deprives us of practising the English language and hence the learning is lost as it is not practically applied. Learning English has a lot of advantages. It is not just a skill you can show your proficiency at, but also an advantage during travel to different regions as you might find someone who can speak the language. Even during job interviews, English proficiency is seen as a deal-breaker as communication is very important at work. Here is a list of Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore that you can enrol into to develop your hold on the language.

1.English Labs

English Labs was established in the year 2015 and is trusted as one of the Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore. They maintain a very flexible timing to students and have only limited students in a batch to have an interactive session. Classes are scheduled on weekdays and weekends which makes students to opt this centre for learning. They have categorised their course to Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. They have expanded their branches to various places in Tamil Nadu including Chennai and other than Tamil Nadu they have a branch at Bangalore. You can also check for the Spoken English Classes in Bangalore and Spoken English Classes in Chennai

Phone: 95000-07903

Website: englishlabs.in

2.OSRAD Institute for Grammar & Communicative English

Recognising the importance of the English language in the corporate and developing world, ORSAD offers many courses which are tailor-made for increasing proficiency. For spoken English, they offer the course Communicative English (Professional & Spoken). Acknowledging the fact that learning a new language in a short span of time is highly difficult, they use scientific methods that help to make the process easier. They teach patterns rather than grammar to ensure that the students get the hang of talking easily in a pattern rather than worrying about the grammar initially. Vocabulary is improved with extra coaching, assignments and activities. They have friendly and approachable trainers who take a bilingual approach if needed.

Location: R.S. Puram

3.English Junction

This institute is not just known for the Spoken English class but also for their IELTS coaching. They also provide business English certificate which is recognised universally. This Spoken English in Coimbatore is especially meant for students who find it hard to understand the language, lack the vocabulary and communication skills. It has helped a lot of college students with their campus interviews. It has also helped working professionals to excel at work due to fluent communication. The course comprises of 700 hours of tutoring, 250 vocabulary exercises, 200 minutes of listening activity, 6 group discussion sessions and 100 topics for speaking. This ensures that students grasp the language thoroughly. This course goes on for 2 months and there are options for full time and part time. They include lots of video-based teaching to improve engagement of the students.

Location: Prakasam


LinguaWorld is surely experts at their structural method of teaching English. They have divided the course into two logical parts of instruction and content. The instruction given by the tutors involves vocal, direct, contextual and practice instructions. Content involves vocabulary, syntax, listening, speaking and pronunciation. They conduct regular classes to ensure continuity in improvement and they provide the best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore They also conduct the mock interview for their Spoken English course as a bonus. This helps candidates prepare well for their job or educational interviews. The course goes on for about three months. They also conduct crash courses for 15 days to a full month. They also conduct Saturday and Sunday classes suitable for professionals and businessmen.

Location: Ram Nagar

5.Avenue Resources

This institute values education a lot and thus helps in all spheres of it. From spoken English classes to help with higher studies application, Avenue Resources does it all. They focus on teaching the students quantitative and verbal skills. While this is not an institute that gives a one-on-one training, they believe in individual attention and hence, their batch size is around 10-15 students per batch. This way, the progress of each student is recognised and special care can be taken based on this. The students are offered unlimited practice tests along with career placement and guidance. All this is available online for easy access of the students. This online class is not self-paced and all the 10-15 students of the batch have to work hard from the comfortable spaces of their homes.

Location: Near P S G College, Peelamedu

6.Col’s Calibre

This institute is the effort of a charismatic personality that is Col. P. Jeyaraj. He has been a trainer for almost 30 years now and he is interested in training and development activities of students. Among these training modules, they have Communicative English as one of them along with IELTS, TOEFL and OET preparation. Communicative English module helps beginners get a hang of the language while the Global Communicative English is for those who are already proficient in the language and are taught techniques to use them effectively. With communication skills, they also help in personality development as both these skills go hand in hand. Learning the etiquette of speaking and then speaking in the right fashion is successful communication. They provide the Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore

Location: Ram Nagar


Veta offers a huge number of courses for Fluent English. Each course is tailored to the current competency of the students. If the student is a beginner, a good decision would be to choose the very first module and move further on. There are step by step modules all with their own duration and required effort. They have add-on modules that help the students learn more jargon related to the industry they are interested in, this will be especially useful for professionals. They have school plus class that helps students from school to be a bit more advanced than their peers. They also offer a summer English camp. Some more specialised modules are ‘Job Skills’ and ‘Business Pro’.

Location: R S Puram, Gandhipuram, Peelamedu, Saibaba Colony


BILDscribe is a BPO and you must be knowing how important a strong command over the language is essential for BPOs and call centres. This organisation has an English Language Academy which offers a spectrum of courses and they provide the Best Spoken English in Coimbatore. The courses of different levels can be chosen, from a person who does not understand the language to a person who wants to write a thesis. They offer a bridge course for the beginner level and move on to intermediate and advanced levels. They also provide call centre modules specifically for people who aspire to be part of that domain. Their literature module is designed for students pursuing literary courses.

Location: R S Puram

9.Word Perfect

This institute helps in areas of Spoken English, Accent Training, English improvement, competitive exam preparation, Business and corporate language and training. Their focus is on English training and they have produced confident English speakers in a short span. They also cover topics of soft skills, etiquette and personality development. Their course for Spoken English is known as Business English Communication (BEC).

Location: Ramanathapuram

10.Sam’s English Academy

Sam’s English Academy is part of Sams Lingua Centre which teaches students around 5 languages including French, German, Japanese and Spanish. They also help with IELTS preparation and are the Best Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore If you want to pursue higher education in Europe this would be ideal as you could learn both English as well as the regional language. They follow a one-on-one approach which gives individual focus.

Location: Gandhipuram

Choosing one of the Top 10 Spoken English Classes in Coimbatore will help you make the first step towards a future that heavily relies on a common language due to globalisation. Make sure you are well equipped for it!

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